HubShout Debuts a New Website and Adds More New Services and Social Media Tools to Their SEO Reseller Programs

HubShout has enhanced their social media tools, announced regularly scheduled monthly webinars and rolled out a new website. Direct clients and private label SEO resellers will keep up with the frequent addition of new features by attending monthly training webinars.

Rochester, NY, January 24, 2011 --( HubShout, LLC, a national search engine marketing firm with a full-service SEO reseller program continues to stay on top of the industry with a refreshed website and expanded services for all of their clients. The recent additions to services, training opportunities and enhancements to the website continue HubShout’s tradition of providing transparent and accountable reporting, particularly valued by clients that use the services for SEO outsourcing.

The updated website not only better positions HubShout’s product to attract new SEO resellers but also provides clients with an improved user experience and a more personal touch. “We’ve put a fresh face on the marketing website and we have plans in the first quarter to increase the collaboration, community and training resources that will be available on our website,” says Chad Hill, CEO and Co-Founder of HubShout.

HubShout has long proclaimed the need for their private label SEO reseller clients to embrace and include social media as part of their service offerings. HubShout’s Social Media Monitoring Service was added in 2010 to provide clients and SEO resellers with an awareness of social media’s impact on their business. Client’s social media mentions are viewable on their private portal on the HubShout site. The announcement of the Social Media Monitoring Service prompted a new set of customers and SEO resellers to contact HubShout for guidance on this relatively new area of marketing.

The latest update to the Social Media Monitoring Service allows for social media data to automatically forward to the client’s email with the option to receive only negative data. This automated outreach to SEO reseller’s clients, under the SEO reseller’s private label, is just one example of HubShout’s ambition to strengthen the relationship between SEO resellers and their customers.

Another addition to the social media toolbox is a service called My Customer Review. This service uses email marketing to encourage customers to spread the word about a client’s business, collects feedback that can be used on review sites or their own website and tracks referrals for special incentives. The social media marketing options will continue to evolve based on emerging trends as well as the needs of clients and SEO resellers.

HubShout is committed to ongoing research of all aspects of the search engine marketing industry and will continue to add technology driven software and services to the SEO reseller program. HubShout’s monthly webinars educate all clients on the rapidly changing industry trends and provide step-by-step instruction on how to use new tools to take advantage of the latest trends. Clients are able to view an on-screen demo followed by a Q&A session and are invited to request one-on-one instruction if needed.

HubShout provides white label SEO capabilities for all of their proprietary technology and offers custom packages to meet the needs of direct clients and SEO resellers of all sizes. SEO resellers can offer HubShout’s online marketing services to their customers under their own brand as if the private label reseller was actually handling the work. SEO resellers focus on their sales while the HubShout team works behind the scenes to get results for SEO reseller’s clients.

For more information about outsourcing SEO through HubShout’s SEO reseller programs, please contact HubShout directly.

Adam Stetzer, Ph.D.