Launches Power Plate Machines with Free Shipping

Chicago, IL, January 27, 2011 --( launches the Power Plate® -- “whole body vibration training” systems touted to tackle belly fat and bring workout benefits in only 45 minutes a week -- with Free Shipping and Handling from January 27-29, 2011. founder and natural health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, warns that abdominal or belly fat may be associated with less-than-optimal heart and vascular health.

“When you don’t get enough exercise as you age, visceral fat can build in your abdomen. And it can occur in anyone -- thin, normal or overweight,” says Dr. Mercola.

Two out of three adults in the United States are now overweight. A Harvard University study discovered that women tend to gain an average of 20 pounds over 16 years as they reach middle age.

One culprit seen is somatopause, the body’s normal metabolic slowdown. “Somatopause likely affects millions of baby boomers in the US and millions around the world, causing weight gain, energy loss, loss of muscle tone, and increasing body fat,” adds Dr. Mercola.

Dr. Mercola emphasizes the importance of fitness, especially in weight management, good cardiovascular and respiratory health, flexibility, mood, and fighting premature aging. He recommends Peak Fitness, a comprehensive fitness program that includes anaerobic exercises.

Peak 8 exercises are specifically projected to improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities.

The Power Plate® uses whole body vibration -- also known as acceleration training -- to address excess fat or cellulite, especially in the upper arm, buttocks, and thigh areas. Additionally, it is targeted to boost muscle strength without the need to lift weights and with only three 15-minute sessions a week.

The Power Plate® uses PrecisionWave™ Technology, a high-fidelity harmonic vibration system that delivers controlled waves of energy throughout your body. Its patented two-motor systems deliver a 3D workout and side-to-side type of motion.

Distributed in over 65 countries, the Power Plate® is available in three personal and pro-level models.

Enjoy Free Shipping and Handling when you purchase any Power Plate® machine until January 29, 2011, 11:59 PM CST. Promo is available for Continental US only. See all Mercola products.

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