Search Engine Marketing Industry Leader High Rankings® Conducting SEM Seminar

High Rankings®, a Search Engine Optimization & Marketing industry leader, is hosting a Search Engine Marketing seminar March 15th-16th in Minneapolis, MN featuring company founder and CEO Jill Whalen.

Minneapolis, MN, February 09, 2007 --( - High Rankings®, a Search Engine Marketing industry leader, is conducting a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) seminar in Minneapolis, MN March 15th-16th at the Crowne Plaza Northstar.

The High Rankings® Search Engine Marketing seminar will feature expert speakers sharing a complete SEM process that works. Unlike other live SEO seminars, presenters will build upon one another’s topics providing a consistent process for converting website visitors into paying customers.

As the seminar host and featured speaker, Jill Whalen, High Rankings® founder & CEO, will teach attendees the skills needed to optimize their site or client’s site to gain higher rankings in search engines through her sessions on “Technical SEO,” “The Nitty Gritty of Writing for Search Engines” and her “Putting it All Together” wrap-up session.

Ms. Whalen adds, “There’s simply no other seminar that I know of where each speaker builds upon the information provided by the previous speaker. At many conferences I’ve attended, one presenter says one thing, and the next one contradicts him or her. It’s difficult for the budding search marketer to know who to believe under those circumstances.” Whalen further added, “At the High Rankings® seminar, we may not all completely agree with each other, but for the most part, we use very similar techniques and have been for years. Our speakers don’t just talk or write about SEO and SEM, they do it every single day. The really great thing that sets the High Rankings® seminars apart is that the attendees come away with a cohesive process they can start implementing right away.”

Other speakers and sessions include:
- Marketing Words Inc. CEO Karon Thackston presenting “Copywriting for Success”
- President Christine Churchill presenting “Effective Keyword Research & Paid Search”,
- Right Click Web Consulting CEO Scottie Claiborne presenting “Link Building” and “Usability & SEO” and
- SiteLogic CEO Matt Bailey presenting “Measuring Success” & “Cool Tools for Diagnosing Website Problems”

High Rankings® Search Engine Marketing Seminar
Thursday March 15th-Friday March 16th, 2007
Crowne Plaza Northstar, Minneapolis MN
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About High Rankings®
High Rankings® is an internationally recognized search engine optimization firm located in Framingham, MA specializing in search engine optimization, SEO consultations, site analysis reports, SEM seminars. CEO and founder, Jill Whalen, is the host of the free High Rankings® Advisor search engine marketing newsletter and the author of "The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines." She has also recently co-founded SEMNE, a local search engine marketing networking organization for people and companies in New England.

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