TopstepTrader Launches Unique Approach at Scouting for Traders

Chicago-based futures trading firm offers scouting and training opportunities for traders of all experience levels with it's unique Combine program.

Chicago, IL, February 06, 2011 --( Patak Trading Partners, LLC and it's new recruiting division, TopStepTrader, are making the allure of a career in trading attainable for recent college graduates and experienced traders alike. TopstepTrader is an international scouting agency currently seeking the best and brightest futures trading talent.

The TopstepTrader recruitment process utilizes a one-of-a-kind program, the Combine, to evaluate and monitor recruit's trading performance in a real-time, live market simulation. The Combine provides a risk-free way for traders to gain experience in the trading industry and test their trading strategies under live, real-time market conditions all while being scouted by proprietary trading firms and equity backers.

Recruits who are profitable and show an increased aptitude for trading will be recommended by TopstepTrader scouts and will be paired with an interested equity partner. Live traders are never required to provide any of their own capital and receive extremely competitive profit splits, thus the Combine serves to ensure recruits are disciplined, consistent, and profitable traders before going live.

For those just learning to trade, TopstepTrader offers one and four week training sessions. Much of becoming a successful trader has to do with jumping in the deep-end and learning to swim. The TopstepTrader experience will teach recruits who are new to trading how to read charting software, navigate trading platforms, manage capital, and learn valuable trading techniques, in a risk-free environment.

The Combine provides recruits the opportunity to develop their trading techniques as they trade with real-time, live market data on a professional trading platform. TopstepTrader also provides each recruits in the Combine or training program access to a live interactive trader's forum, pre-market morning reports, and best of all, the 'TsT Live Squawk Radio' broadcast daily from the Chicago trading room floor.

Individuals looking to get their competitive juices flowing, TopstepTrader offers a variety of unique trading Challenges. These Challenges allow traders to compete against one other for the chance to win real tradinTopstepTrader gives challengers the tools to compete so they can see how they rank against their peers and prove who is the top trader.

TopstepTrader is a division of Patak Trading Partners, LLC. Started in June 2010, TopstepTrader offers training, tutorials, and the Combine program for aspiring and experienced traders. Patak Trading Partners is a boutique proprietary trading group and member firm of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange based in Chicago, Illinois; founded by Michael Patak, a floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.


If you would like more information about TopstepTrader or Patak Trading Partners, LLC, or to schedule an interview with Michael Patak, please call Melissa Footlick at 312-212-0516 or email Melissa at
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