TV4U.Com Presents Classic Action TV Shows For Free Internet TV Viewing

TV4U.Com, a leading advertiser supported broadband video network, has launched its Action Channel as one of 21 ad supported free internet TV channels on TV4U.Com. Programs include such classics as The Master, Flash Gordon, Follow That Man, Fu Manchu, Ramar of the Jungle, Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, Terry and the Pirates, and The Buccaneers.

Henderson, NV, February 12, 2007 --(  TV4U.Com, a leading broadband video network that provides ad supported free internet TV, has launched its Action Channel on its TV4U.Com website.

Classic Action programs on the broadband channel include The Master, Flash Gordon, Follow That Man, Fu Manchu, Ramar of the Jungle, Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, Terry and the Pirates, and The Buccaneers.

"We are happy to provide fans of Action Shows on TV with these TV Classics," said TV4U,Inc. CEO Charry Kennedy. "These are great TV shows from this history of TV that are now available to watch for free on an 'on demand' basis."

In all TV4U.Com is presenting 21 channels on their broadband network. Other channels include Sports, Action, Variety, Western, Vintage, Primetime, Comedy, Rock and Roll, Kool Jazz, and otrher channels. 

The Master was a 1984 network show starring Lee Van Cleef that tried to capitalize on the popularity of action shows of the era such as The A Team. Flash Gordon was an early TV reprise of the famous movie serial. Follow THat Man starred movie veteran Ralph Bellamy as he segued over to TV after a fine film career. Fu Manchu, Sir Lancelot, and Robin Hood were action staples through various media transformations.Terry and the Pirates came from the comic strips to early 1950's TV. The Buccanners launched noted actor Robert Shaw on his celluloid career, and Ramar of the Jungle reprised its B movie heritage.

Other shows on the TV4U.Com service include Andy Griffith Show, Petticoat Junction, Here's Lucy, Milton Berle, Liberace, Jack Benny, Topper, Wagon Train, Combat, and Bonanza.

In all 312 series are featured with over 4,000 classic TV shows.

You can view these shows at

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TV4U.Com is a leading internet provider of on-demand television and video content from the past 60 years. TV4U.Com provides online historical television content, licensed from Margate Entertainment LLC, free to all internet users. TV4U.Com presents 21 channels of programming, including western, comedy, driveinmovie, drama, variety, detective, action, sports, music, travel, tavern TV, and kids. This content is available for online viewing by visiting

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TV4U,Inc. creates commercial video networks. Programming for TV4U,Inc. is supplied by Margate Entertainment LLC, the largest private TV program library in the USA. Founded as TVS Television Network in 1961, TV4U.Com is actually the fourth oldest commercial TV network in the USA. In addition to providing programming for broadband video networks such as TV4U.Com, Margate Entertainment LLC also publishes a series of E Magazines including;;;, and TV4U,Inc. also operates web based shopping E Commerce networks such as and specialty channels such as TV4U, Inc. also produces syndicated TV programming for cable networks and broadcast TV syndication such as Circle of Sports, Distant Replay, Poor Sports, You Asked For It, Rock and Roll Legends Live, Hollywood Palace, PM Magazine, and Thrillseekers. TV4U.Com is an ad supported free internet TV broadband network that competes with In2TV (Warner/AOL), InnerTube (CBS/Viacom), and NBBC (NBC/Universal)in the ad supported free internet programming broadbad network segment of the industry.

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