Apliman Technologies & Creova Team Up to Deliver Mobile Money to Africell

Apliman Technologies and Creova jointly win trust of Africell and sign contract to deliver one of the most convenient Mobile Money solutions.

Beirut, Lebanon, February 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Mobile Money offers a speedy remittance channel for people to send and receive money efficiently, encouraging circulation of money nationwide and generating high revenues.

Striving to ensure customer satisfaction, Apliman Technologies and Creova present a secure and practical mobile money transfer solution, allowing people to send and receive money, nationwide, to friends and family who themselves may not have bank accounts. Consequently, it brings many unbanked customers under the formal financial system, and enables money transfers to break through rural areas which allows for economic growth in developing economies.

“Apliman Technologies is proud to team up with Creova, one of the major international players in Mobile Money. We are looking forward to a continuous and prosperous cooperation that will expand this technology into many other African countries, where it is becoming one of the most important money generating VAS services,” said Mr. Tarek Itani, Executive Director of Apliman Technologies.

According to a new report from Juniper Research, the global mobile money transfer market will grow beyond $65bn by 2014. The service mainly focuses on developing countries where users do not have access to banking services and use traditional means of payment instead, such as physically transporting the money or storing cash at home.

“Our solutions are at the forefront of the mobile payments industry,” said Ramzi el Fekih, CEO of Creova. “The Mobile Money service provides an innovative set of low cost financial solutions, proven to increase banking activities and create customer loyalty. It is easy-to-use, accessible, secure, and traceable. Creova is unique in providing innovative technology, managed services, and go-to-market partnership models to ensure success of the Mobile Money service. It will revolutionize the world of mobile telephony and financial services while optimizing and providing alternative choices and freedom to customers. Our rich and completely modular platform design has been developed with the goal of allowing our customers a fast deployment, get a preferred position in the market, and open to future applications according to the needs of customers and the local market(s).”

“We believe Apliman is the right partner for Creova in the region, and our expectations on the current and future projects that will arise from our partnership are very high. This is the first of many more that will surely follow.”

‘Apliman-Creova’ Mobile Money solution is a customizable system that works on a role-based model: Sender, Dealer, Point of Sales Agent, Cashier, and Administrator, to ensure reliable delivery of funds, anytime, from a customer to any other mobile phone user. No special interface is required besides a mobile phone. It is designed to be integrated into the existing mobile network infrastructure, allowing mobile operators and financial institutions to offer a value added service without incurring additional costs. The platform can be further customized to support other payment methods which helps customers and dealers not only to perform paperless money transfer, but also to complete financial settlements in real-time. Fraud reduction is guaranteed with three security levels and extensive set of transaction reports. This simplicity, reliability, and flexibility add to the attractiveness of the service and create exciting opportunities for the mobile money ecosystem.

About Apliman Technologies
Apliman Technologies is a leading Telecommunications Solutions provider in Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We have an international portfolio of installations spanning 4 continents and serving hundreds of millions of subscribers worldwide. Top mobile operator groups trust our solutions that range from Messaging, Voice, USSD, Loyalty & Churn Management, Roaming and Mobile Advertising to Customer Care solutions. Ever since its founding, Apliman Technologies has been at the forefront of developments in the field. It has existed long enough in the market to establish customer loyalty and become a trademark of trust.

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About Creova
Founded in 2008, Creova is a provider of Mobile Financial solutions for mobile payment systems. Creova’s solutions can be used by financial institutions, mobile operators, e-commerce providers, retailers, and merchants. Creova develops innovative, secure, high performance and easy-to-use technological solutions, allowing its customers to ensure optimal financial transactions through mobile devices with or without an Internet environment. Creova provides its customers with the ability to deliver mobile payment services, mobile banking services, person-to-person transfer, bank account transfer, loan reimbursement, bill payment, m-commerce, and mobile top-up, helping companies increase customer reach by providing access for all mobile phone users.

Creova is a French company, based in Paris, present in the US, Italy, Lebanon, and Tunisia where it has an R&D and marketing operations.

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