Dr. Leigh-Davis Hopes to Give More Lectures in London, as She Takes Charge of the London Location of Confidence Magazine

Although working on the American TV show “The Legal Analyst,” Dr. Leigh-Davis is headed to London to add her input to Confidence Magazine; and she hopes London will come calling with more opportunities for her to lecture on the American legal system.

New York City, NY, March 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Confidence Magazine is setting up shop in London, in the hope of attracting more U.K. readers. Advance copies of the spring issue of Confidence Magazine, are being given, gratis, to Londoners. When not working at the magazine, editor-in-chief Dr. Leigh-Davis, gives American law lectures around London, and she hopes to increase this endeavor. “I was telling my British friend, the dichotomy between our two nations is: the British actually care about what is going on in the United States; whereas Americans could care less about anything going on in another country,” Dr. Leigh-Davis commented when arriving back to Los Angeles after giving several lectures in London. Other than being agitated with the cold weather, Dr. Leigh-Davis was jubilant.

“Although I try to focus on my areas of expertise, those being tort law and legal ethics, I love explaining the American legal system to foreigners, because they are so interested,” Dr. Leigh-Davis explained. "Americans are bored, or blissfully misinformed, of the legal system in the United States," expounded Dr. Leigh-Davis. Currently, Dr. Leigh-Davis limits her in depth lectures on the American legal system and its history, to venues abroad; and instructs tort law and legal ethics when in the United States. “Anyone would rather play to an enthusiastic audience. Moreover, I like learning about foreign legal systems,” concluded Dr. Leigh-Davis.

Now that Dr. Leigh-Davis is traveling to London to work on Confidence Magazine, she looks forward to giving more legal lectures abroad. However, Dr. Leigh-Davis will not be able to be away from the U.S. for too long, because she is currently working on taping the American television show, “The Legal Analyst,” a newsmagazine television program in which she stars and hosts.

Additionally, Dr. Leigh-Davis continues to host the American television show “Los Angeles Philanthropic Endeavors,” (which is being renamed, “Profiles in Philanthropy.”)

Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist, and popular legal analyst and legal correspondent, who regularly appears on NBC news, CNN and Fox news. She is also the former host of the Court TV television show, “The Court is in Session.” More information about Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television, writing and radio projects, can be found on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website.

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