Cambridge Who’s Who Honors Melody Baker & Her Dedication to the Disabled Community

Melody Baker honored by Cambridge Who’s Who for her Dedication to the Disabled Community

Islip, NY, February 13, 2007 --( Cambridge Who's Who has selected Melody Baker, as an Honored Member. While inclusion Directory is an honor in itself, the Cambridge Who's Who selection committee hand picks these special Who's Who Honorees based on accomplishments, academic achievement, leadership and service.

Type of Business: Internet Marketing
Major Products and Services: Network Marketing
Marketing Area: United States
Expertise: MLM, Forced Matrix, Reselling, Product Distributorship

Melody Baker is a Successful, Deaf Internet, and Networking Marketer. Most of us do not realize that what comes easy for us is 10 times harder for a disabled person. Melody is a deaf, paraplegic and her only means of communication with the outside world is her computer.

Melody's website is dedicated to not only helping her become financially free, but to help other disabled people get the same opportunity.

Personal Dedication: This author found Melody Baker’s website while doing research for Cambridge Who's Who News. Melody commented on her blog:

" my mail, and into my apartment, I found a very nice surprise for me there. I received a letter today, a letter of invitation, to become listed in the Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals "Honors Edition". At first I was confused, and I emailed some people about it. I received nothing but Congratulations from them. So I used my SBD Search Engine Portal, and looked them up. Boy oh boy was I surprised. I am being honored by being listed with Doctors, Lawyers, Business Leaders, etc. the list goes on and on. "

When doing the research on Melody, they found out that not only is she deaf. She is a paraplegic; she is a veteran having served in the army. To read exerts from her website such as:

"I am deaf now, as a result of an explosion at work, and have fought for the Rights of Very-Low Income, Disabled people, to the point that I brought suit against the city of San Buena Ventura, Ca. and even ran for City Council. But the whole time I was doing this, I was fighting the clock. You see, I was infected with Hep.C. back on November 6, 1986, and was not diagnosed until November 6, 1993. And I ended up on the streets, in a wheelchair, fighting to stay alive, and get housing, so I could get TREATMENT for the Hep.C. But it was a futile fight, because unknown to me, when you hit the 19 year mark, and if you have other Medical problems, the Combination Drug Therapy is not helpful. It does not work."

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