Hit Me Baby One More Time

Rather than sending cards… score big playing cards on Valentine’s Day.

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Haven’t got a date for Valentine’s Day? At Get21.com, you can score big – and Blackjack Tournaments is the name of the game. So don’t bother sending cards…playing cards is where all the action is. 

This Valentine’s Day, don’t fret about getting lucky – what you’ll need is skill.  Woo and wow the other contestants with your smooth, savvy playing and then maybe, instead of spending big on flowers and chocolates - you’ll be winning big cash prizes. With their special tournament on Feb 14 - $2500 Guaranteed Prize Pool – You’ll be the one receiving gifts this year.

The alluring fun of Get21.com’s adrenaline-packed Blackjack tournaments is sure to keep your heart racing all night long. Even if blind dates aren’t quite your thing in the romance department, the game’s special ‘hidden bet’ feature – which only lets you see the other players' bets after you've placed yours – is bound to give you a tingling sense of anticipation each round.

True, you can spend your time vying for her attention… though the fast-paced thrill of this exciting Tournament will certainly be much more fun. And who knows… if you’ve got the right moves, you may just get the money - and the girl. After all, all’s fair in love and… Blackjack.

So if your loneliness is killing you, rather than feeling sad and heartbroken - break open a bottle of beer and try hitting it off with other Blackjack fans. Get21.com is where the hottest online romance is happening, as the Jack of Hearts meets Lady Luck – and the chips are flying!

Daniel Valentine