VASER Hi-Def Liposculpture Finds "Home Away from Home" at London's Riverbanks Clinic with Dr. Ravi Jain MD

Doctors can now travel to London and Bogota for training in VASER techniques.

Bogota, Colombia, February 21, 2011 --( The Dynamx International Center for Artistic Body Sculpting (IC:ABS) by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is proud to announce the grand opening of their satellite office at Riverbanks Clinic in Harpenden, about one hour outside of London.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is the inventor and pioneer of the VASER High Definition Liposculpture technique. His headquarters is located in Bogota, though he and his staff frequently travel the globe teaching his revolutionary techniques.

Dr. Ravi Jain of Riverbanks Clinic is the only doctor in the United Kingdom to have reached excellence in all three of Dr. Hoyos' VASER training courses: Basic, Advanced, and Hi-Def.

Dr. Jain is also the first doctor in the world to be invited to join the Dynamx international faculty. He will act as head instructor at the Riverbanks teaching facility.

Dr. Jain will be teaching Basic and Advanced VASER courses, while the Hi-Def course will be offered exclusively by Dr. Hoyos at the Bogotá clinic, as well as in his travels to Europe, Asia, and all around South America.

The revolutionaryVASER Hi-Def Liposculpture technique has taken the plastic surgery industry by storm, and in turn, Dynamx IC:ABS has had incredible success. "We've been looking to expand for awhile now. Since Dynamx opened officially in August 2010 we've been on the edge of our seats, just looking for the perfect opportunity," says Dynamx VP Asti Alexandria.

According to Alexandria, Jain and his Riverbanks clinic was the most obvious choice for their first expansion outside of Bogota.

"Dr. Jain's Riverbanks Clinic was transformed from a local pub to a peaceful day spa," she said. "It now has the most serene environment, the most attentive staff and welcoming attitude, not to mention the superb pre- and post-op care. It's no wonder they have won so many awards."

The Dynamx at Riverbanks clinic is expected to be a global success, offering pre-eminent training in Dr. Hoyos' VASER techniques.

"There's no one better to go to than Dynamx," says an anonymous inside source. "Logically, why would you want anyone but Dr. Hoyos or his immediate staff to train you? There's too many nuances to leave (Hi-Def training) to a second-hand source."

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