Grid-Tools Funds International CSP Research Project

Grid-Tools to sponsor the second year of a joint CSP research project between a British and Portuguese University.

Eynsham, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, February 21, 2011 --( Grid-Tools Limited, the leading vendor of test data management software and solutions globally, has announced that it is to sponsor the second year of a joint CSP research project between a British and Portuguese University.

The project which looks at the Semantic Foundations of CSP was under jeopardy after the Royal Society declined funding.

Grid-Tools which has a strong relationship with the Computer Sciences Department at Swansea University in Wales, has committed £2,300 to fund mutual research visits between Dr Markus Roggenbach of Swansea and Professor Luis Monteiro of Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal.

“We are delighted by the generosity of Grid-Tools,” comments Dr Roggenbach. “Our project is at a key stage and cannot go forward without the support of our research partners in Lisbon so the opportunity to carry out scientific work through face-to-face meetings makes a huge difference.”

The project aims are to develop a bi-algebraic framework based on quasi-finality; to characterise the various CSP-semantics bi-algebraically, and to study data in the bi-algebraic approach.

Explains Dr Roggenbach: “Put in simple terms our research will helps us gain a better understanding of reactive systems. These reactive systems are part of everyday life and include, for example, flight booking and electronic payment systems and web services.

“Within these systems it is essential to specify precisely the interaction between their different components. Our work will consider how they react when they receive certain messages; what output they produce, and will even question if they willing to accept an input at all.”

Dr Roggenbach and Professor Monteiro are confident the long term benefits of their research will be improved design and far more reliable systems worldwide.

Grid-Tools’ sponsorship is a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to supporting academic research projects. In addition to the CSP project, it offers its signature product Datamaker to create customised sets of data for student research projects at any university. Currently Computer Science students at Swansea University are using Datamaker generated data to test their results.

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