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Water is the New Wine - Fine H2O Growing in U.S. Market

AquaBar Continues To Elevate Fine Bottled Water And Adds New Water Brands To Portfolio.

Beverly Hills, CA, February 15, 2007 --( The profile of fine H2o is rapidly growing in the U.S. market. Fine dining, swanky eateries and bar lounges are realizing the need and benefits of having premium water on their menu. Patrons of these establishments are increasingly demanding that their water be on par with their meal and libations. As consumers become more aware of their options, businesses are forced to catch up and serve up premium H2o. AquaBar (, a marketer and distributor of fine water brands in Beverly Hills continues to push and educate businesses on the benefits of adding fine water to their menu.

“The role of fine water in our culture needs educators to simplify, expose and explain the growing wall of water information and facts. Most people earnestly believe that all bottled water is created equal and the water they drink comes from a natural or safe source. Most commercial brands come from municipal sources or city water, and a lot of bottled water is actually shipped in large tankers to bottling plants. The problem with this is that the water, in most cases, will dissolve whatever it comes into contact with, which can dramatically effect the quality and taste of the water. Naturally, consumers and patrons of fine establishments would prefer safe and clean water, and not to say that the water they may fancy isn’t safe, but the reality is that businesses tend to lean toward increasing their bottom line so they go for the cheapest brand. This model simply will not sustain itself for too long as patrons and consumers demand variety, better quality, style and taste. The next generation of water consumers and foodies need more variety. Just like wine, water can and should be paired with certain food types,” says Jason Boardé, founder an owner of AquaBar.

“Everyone knows the health benefits of water, yet most people and businesses alike continue to overlook the basics. We do water tasting day in and day out, and people quickly realize and see first hand the difference in taste, flavour, quality and mouth feel. Patrons and consumer are not asking for $20 or $50 dollar bottles of water nor are they interested in gimmicks, but they are demanding a higher standard. If I was to have a fine meal at a nice restaurant or spend time at a spa resort you can be assured that I would expect nothing but the best… that includes my water.”

In Europe water is appreciated and celebrated just like wine and more often than not the waiter will bring you a water menu or ask you which type of water would you like. Europeans take water quite seriously and U.S. companies are starting to realize the benefits and value in having fine H2o on the menu. Besides the increase in offerings and service to patrons, businesses can see a rise in their bottom line by adding fine water to the menu. Establishments like the Four Seasons, Nic’s Beverly Hills Martini Bar, Edison Bar, Boulevard 3 Hollywood, Mel & Rose Fine Gourmet Shop and others have set the trend and have greatly benefited from the development of a water profit center. As featured on channel 5 KTLA’s morning show with Gayle Anderson, the fine bottled water market is beginning to take off and there is no joke about the profits a business could potentially build.

In addition to educating and supplying fine bottled water to the public, AquaBar continues to added new and interesting brands to its portfolio. To learn more about AquaBar and the selection of fine waters, please visit or contact the company directly.

AquaBar, Inc.
Jason Boarde