AquaBar, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in our company. Aquabar is a pure hydration source for savvy consumers seeking the world's finest waters, natural fruit drinks, and premium liquids in still, sparkling, and naturally carbonated forms. We distribute and promote select brands, plus build custom Hydration Stations® for special events. Each brand is meticulously selected, based on its purity, health benefit, taste, value and aesthetic. Aquabar products are all natural and delivered to your home or office by the case, for the full benefit and experience of each brand.

As the ultimate hydration source for beverage junkies in search of variety with style, Aquabar offers a comprehensive list of services. We’re the first hydration boutique dedicated to quenching your thirst naturally and healthfully. We’re firm believers in energizing and replenishing the body daily with the finest natural liquids made from minerals, herbs, and fruits--We’re hydration fanatics! Aquabar researches the best and the coolest brands on the planet for your satisfaction, taking the guess work out of the selection process. Our team of beverage aficionados can also assist you with making the right natural beverage choice.

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