Patriot Software, Inc to Provide Online Payroll Service to Georgia Employers

Payroll software provider, Patriot Software, Inc. release online payroll software option “Patriot PAY” to Georgia employers.

Canton, OH, February 24, 2011 --( Patriot PAY payroll software gives Georgia employers a new option when looking to make smart budget decisions for their business. Created by Patriot Software, Inc., the online payroll software precisely figures all payroll taxes required in Georgia and 21 other states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.

With online access, Georgia customers can run payroll anytime with just a computer and access to the Internet. Wherever they are -- Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, or traveling around the country -- they can take care of their employee payroll.

Patriot PAY has been designed for small business owners with 50 or fewer employees, offering the flexibility of different printing options and settings customers can change as needed. Georgia employers can pay their employees by direct deposit, printed paychecks on their own preprinted check stock, or handwritten paychecks. Employers can establish contributions and deductions for all employees and modify their employee payroll settings at any time.

Patriot PAY’s payroll calculations are guaranteed to be right. In fact, Patriot Software conducts thousands of daily tests to ensure accurate payroll calculations. Because of Patriot PAY’s automatic updates, Georgia customers won’t need to worry about whether their tax tables are current or if they have the payroll software’s latest version.

Customers can find answers to commonly asked payroll questions built right in the payroll software, as well as training articles and videos. Patriot PAY customer service can also answers customer questions through email and phone support options.

Patriot PAY offers affordability to small business owners, starting at $10 a month for payroll service. Patriot PAY offers affordability to small business owners, starting at $10 a month for payroll service. Customers can opt for optional services including TaxBeGone, the payroll tax filing service that takes care of federal, state, and local payroll tax filings and deposits.

Georgia employers can get a free 48-hour test drive of the software, either on their own or with a Patriot customer service representative. They can use the default setup of sample company data or personalize with their own data to try out all the features of Patriot PAY, including adding and changing employee payroll information, running sample payrolls, and viewing reports.

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