Causes of SIDS, Autism Examined: Dancing Cats, Silent Canaries Published by Outskirts Press

Author and traditional physician David Denton Davis offers parents steps they can take to protect their babies and children from SIDS and autism due to what appear to be the two biggest mistakes of the 20th century: the use of PVC in baby mattresses and the use of unproven baby and infant vaccines.

Corona Del Mar, CA, February 25, 2011 --( Dr. David Denton Davis announced today the release of Dancing Cats, Silent Canaries, A Traditional Medical Doctor Takes a Closer Look at Unsolved Epidemics of Autism and SIDS and Proposes a Solution, published by Outskirts Press. In this essential guide for parents concerned about the current epidemics of autism and SIDS, Dr. Davis shows that combinations of PVC and certain vaccines may be the cause behind both, and he shows parents the steps they can take to help reduce these threats to their children.

Dancing Cats, Silent Canaries takes a thorough look at the historical events and actual cover-ups that neither manufacturers nor the medical profession can deny regarding the increase of sudden infant deaths and autism. He points out that the epidemic of SIDS and the rapidly growing number of autistic spectrum disorders are both coincident with the growing use of PVC and vaccines. There was no medical diagnosis known as SIDS, in fact, before the arrival of vinyl chloride. Autism has mirrored an unprecedented increase in vaccines.

Dr. Davis weaves vignettes from his own emergency medicine experience with his extensive research into the history of these two childhood dangers and shows how he “accidentally,” but cleverly, discovered a key missing piece of evidence to this puzzle that will shock the establishment. While certain vaccines or PVC products by themselves can be injurious to a child, in combination with other toxins each can prove deadly. Mildew, for instance, in baby mattresses, 99% of which contain PVC and other toxic elements, can make a lethal combination.

Davis’ precautionary recommendations for parents to identify and eliminate environmental toxic exposures during their children’s fetal and first year periods can go a long way, he believes, in curbing the high number of today’s crib deaths and autism cases. By becoming advocates, parents can take steps to protect their babies from what Dr. Davis claims are the long term oversights of the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

“The alleged fraud, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, may be more right than wrong,” writes Dr. Davis, “and the vaccine expert, Dr. Paul Offit, may be more wrong than right.”

Dancing Cats, Silent Canaries is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6795-2 Format: 7 x 10 paperback SRP: $19.95
Genre: Medical/caregiving

About the author:

David Denton Davis, M.D., graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine, served in the United States Navy Medical Corps during the Viet Nam era and is a Charter Member of the American College of Emergency Physicians. As an elected board member of the A.C.E.P., he helped create the specialty board exam for Emergency Medicine. He is also the author of a Definitive Visitor’s Guide to the disabling and deadly events associated with Acute Mountain Sickness.

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