A True "General Contractor" for the Self Publisher - McKinney Publishing is Up and Running

A new concept in self publishing, McKinney Publishing, is offering a la carte assistance for authors hoping to self publish. Unlike subsidy or vanity presses, McKinney Publishing ensures that clients retain all rights across all platforms to their works. From singular taskings to full publishing packages, McKinney Publishing is the perfect fit for first time writers and established authors alike.

Jacksonville, FL, February 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- With the emergence of ebook platforms and "print on demand" services, self publishing has entered the mainstream for new and established authors alike. While that has allowed many more authors to market their work, it has also created a target rich environment for some less than scrupulous subsidy and vanity press publishers.

Until now, there has not been much assistance out there for writers who would like some assistance bringing their books to market while still retaining their rights in a budget friendly manner. McKinney Publishing was established to fill that need.

During a free initial consult in which the budget, needs, and desires of the writer are discussed, a plan is established for bringing that writer's work to market. From editing to formatting to marketing to legal, McKinney brings a network of experts together on the writer's behalf. What makes McKinney Publishing especially unique is that this is all accomplished with pricing up front and agreed to beforehand with the writer maintaining all rights to his work.

The goal of McKinney Publishing is not only to show that the subsidy and vanity press models are overpriced but, most importantly, to render their business model obsolete. It is time to consider "self publishing" more of "self - with expert help - publishing."

McKinney Publishing's motto is "Because everyone has a story." Now, with McKinney Publishing's help, everyone can bring their story to the world while preserving their budget and retaining their rights.

McKinney Publishing was founded by Lesley McKinney, a licensed attorney who (after learning from her many and expensive mistakes in an attempt to self publish) set out to find establish a pathway for others to avoid her mistakes. With the understanding that there is no true "one size fits all" model in self publishing, McKinney Publishing prides itself on individualized client attention.

McKinney Publishing is a member of the Small Publishers Association of America and Small Publishers, Authors, and Writers Network.

Visit McKinney Publishing at www.mckinneypublishing.com

McKinney Publishing's Blog: www.selfpublishsupport.com

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