Strong Growth is Expected Within B2C E-Commerce in the USA

The latest report "USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2011" from Hamburg-based market research company examines E-Commerce in the USA and provides interesting details regarding the B2C segment there.

Hamburg, Germany, March 02, 2011 --( Double digit growth within the B2C e-commerce segment and a turnover of more than 170 billion USD (approx. 126 billion EUR) are anticipated in the USA for the year 2011. In 2010, already 42% of internet users performed research and purchased goods online. As the "USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2011" reveals, 60% of users were connected via broadband while dial-up connections only accounted for 5%. The number of internet users in the USA is expected to reach approximately 230 million in 2011, a figure which constitutes more than 70% of the population.

Gains and Trends in E-Commerce
In 2010, 50% of internet users and 58% of online shoppers were female. With 70%, the category "apparel and jewellery" showed the highest percentage of female customers. The "USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2011" from clearly illustrates that the top 25 online merchants in the USA could increase their market share to 70% in 2010.

With a turnover of 24 billion USD (approx. 17 billion EUR), Amazon was the largest American online merchant within the B2C segment in 2009, followed by Apple. Approximately 3 billion USD (approx. 2 billion EUR) of Sears’ overall turnover of 44 billion USD (approx. 32 billion EUR) in 2009 was derived from online sales, while Best Buy was able to increase its online turnover by 20%.

A new megatrend is m-commerce. In 2010, 86 million people in the USA were already using mobile internet service, resulting in an overall turnover of 2.4 billion USD (approx. 1.8 billion EUR). In 2011, it is expected that 100 million people or 32% of the population will utilise it.

Developments such as private sales sites and group buying noticeably further increase the turnover that may be attained in e-commerce, as do the integration of online and offline activities.

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