Achieve Beyond Calls for Action Against Early Intervention Cuts

The pediatric therapy and educational services company, Achieve Beyond, and A.C.T.S is asking for public support to stop New York State from cutting Early Intervention (EI) services by 20 percent in a one year span.

New York, NY, March 03, 2011 --( Achieve Beyond: Pediatric Therapy Services and the Professional Agencies for Children's Therapy Services are urging residents of New York state to stop another 10% proposed rate cut for state funded early intervention therapy services. This totals out to being a 20% cut within a years time. No other state has had such a drastic cut placed on this vital early intervention program.

These proposed EI program cuts will affect the professionals administering the therapy services and the children / families receiving services dramatically. These NYS rate cut proposals would have a devastating effect on the type and quality of services provided to children with special needs. Leaving these children inadequately treated will cost NYS a sizeable amount of money in the future. A cost- benefit study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that for every $1 invested $7.10 was returned to society in the form of decreased future special education costs and less grade retention. Similar studies were published by the Rand Corp. and the Education Commission of the US. A recent federally funded study in NYS found that parents were highly satisfied with EI service outcomes. Clearly, EI is an investment in children and their futures, not an expense.

In order to promote this cause, Achieve Beyond is using the social media platform to help raise awareness. The company has been expanding it's social media presence over the last year and plans to raise awareness for the NYS proposed rate cuts through consistent postings on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin throughout the groups and friends profiles they are affiliated with. Achieve Beyond will also market the cause through sending emails, including information packets about the cuts in our outreach efforts as well as encourage the mailing of letters for individuals without internet access.

Achieve Beyond and A.C.T.S are hoping everyone will support Early Intervention by visiting the Professional Agencies for Children's Therapy Services (A.C.T.S.) website,, to learn more and to send a quick and important email to the New York State officials whose decisions are heavily affected by public opinion. They believe that public consideration and consistent support on this very important issue will make a huge difference in the lives of the children and families who need these services to stop developmental delays from occurring.

Achieve Beyond: Pediatric Therapy and Autism Services
Jonathan Drewes