First Line Software’s Specialist Speaking at AgileDays 2011

First Line's foremost Extreme Programming expert will give a presentation at the upcoming AgileDays conference in Moscow, Russia.

New York, NY, March 04, 2011 --( Sergei Andrzeevsky, Project Manager at First Line Software, will deliver a presentation at the Agile development conference AgileDays 2011, which will take place in Moscow on March 4-5.

In his presentation titled “XP Practices in an Offshore Development Project”, Sergei will elaborate on the application of XP engineering practices in a distributed project team. The presentation will provide real life examples of Agile development in the context of an outsourced project with remote customer. Sergei will speak in detail about the practical application of various XP practices, such as pair programming, Test-Driven Development, collective code ownership, refactoring, continuous integration, and others. The presentation by First Line’s foremost expert in Extreme Programming will provide valuable content for both recent Agile converts and experienced practitioners.

“Agile methodologies have gained a lot of ground in the last decade and are now increasingly adopted in the industry. In particular, Scrum is very popular, and Kanban is getting more and more traction”, said Sergei Andrzeevsky. “However, these very successful approaches focus on the principles of team organization and interaction with the customer. Once we get to the lower level of how developers actually write code, XP remains a very powerful toolset that can very effectively complement a higher-level methodology.”

First Line Software is a specialist in custom application development and software outsourcing using Agile approaches. First Line’s specialists have successfully delivered hundreds of Agile projects using methodologies like Scrum, XP, Kanban, BDD, FDD and others.

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Peter Vaihansky