SIPfoundry Higher Education Program Expands Its Membership

Colorado School of Mines joins HEP as sipXecs becomes the standard open unified communications platform on campus facility

Newburyport, MA, March 04, 2011 --( The SIPfoundry Higher Education Program has expanded its community with the recent addition of its newest member: Colorado School of Mines. The SIPfoundry Higher Education Program (HEP) is an ongoing initiative designed to bring lower costs and next generation unified communications to universities, colleges and school districts leveraging sipXecs open communications. As a proven replacement for legacy IP-PBX systems and as an open alternative to an all Microsoft infrastructure, the SIPfoundry sipXecs open platform brings a robust all software solution with a sophisticated user experience and compelling economics to the higher education community.

sipXecsTM has strong appeal in the education marketplace with its extensive solution features and functionality including broad Instant Messaging (IM) client support with federation into public IM systems along with Windows, Mac, and Linux support. sipXecsTM also easily integrates into fast evolving single sign-on (SSO) systems from a variety of vendors as well as enabling synchronization of contacts and address book between different applications, including mobile devices.

Colorado State University (CSU) and Cedarville University were the first full members of the SIPfoundry Higher Education Program to transition from costly, limiting, legacy IP-PBXs to next generation open unified communications delivering a rich, connected experience for faculty, staff, students and alumni. As investing members, CSU and Cedarville represent the higher education community to drive the future direction and define the requirements for an open, interoperable communication solution.

The SIPfoundry Higher Education Program provides numerous benefits to investing institutional members including:

· Readily available access to the sipXecs open source code
· Expert advice on installing the software and integration within their IT environment
· Timely software patches, enhancements, and upgrades for the sipXecs software
· Direct input and feedback on the sipXecs product roadmap for future development efforts
· Membership in the sipXecs Policy Committee (SPC) and sipXecs Technical Committee (STC)

“The SIPfoundry Community is pleased to welcome our newest program member, Colorado School of Mines, as they join our efforts in building a world class communications infrastructure that the education community can benefit from as well as contribute to the direction of our technology.”
-Martin Steinmann, CEO and Co-Founder, eZuce Inc.

About Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines is a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science. It has the highest admissions standards of any public university in Colorado and among the highest of any public university in the U.S. Mines has distinguished itself by developing a curriculum and research program geared towards responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources. In addition to strong education and research programs in traditional fields of science and engineering, Mines is one of a very few institutions in the world having broad expertise in resource exploration, extraction, production and utilization. As such, Mines occupies a unique position among the world's institutions of higher education.

About SIPfoundry
SIPfoundry, the leading collaborative open source community dedicated to unified communications and founded in 2004 by Dr. Martin Steinmann and Jerry Stabile as a not-for-profit organization, promotes and advances Session Initiation protocol (SIP)-related open source projects. eZuce Inc., established in 2010 by the creators of SIPfoundry, is the commercial entity that delivers open enterprise communications solutions and support based on the standards established by the SIPfoundry community. For more information about SIPfoundry please visit our Web site at

About eZuce, Inc.
eZuce, Inc. delivers open communications enabling social business and collaboration designed for mid to large enterprises. eZuce serves as the commercial support entity and primary contributor sponsoring SIPfoundry and the sipXecs open source project. It is the first company to provide a SIP-based software only solution to enable Unified Communications-as-a-Service as the platform for next-generation, open UC architecture. For more information about eZuce, please visit our Web site at

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