New Startup PixelSite Extends Google Analytics Tracking for Emails, Craigslist Ads and EBay Listings

Now Business Owners, Marketers and Fortune 500 Firms Can Better Track Online Initiatives

New York, NY, March 04, 2011 --( Now there’s a technology available that can track the viewing of emails, craigslist postings and even EBay in real time. Best of all, it’s compatible with Google Analytics and is available for free from Pixelsite at

“Marketers and business owners can track their response for emails, newsletters, craigslist postings and even EBay listings in Google Analytics, something which was not possible before,” said Olaf Jonsek, founder of Pixelsite. “And for those who don’t use Google Analytics, Pixelsite even provides reports in real time so marketers can readily keep track and report how many times an email was read.”

Pixelsite helps business owners and professional marketers track how many times their emails are opened with the simple insertion of a tracking pixel. Now Fortune 500 firms to small corner delis can send out professional newsletters and unleash the power of email marketing with detailed and reliable analytical tracking reports. Also, because Pixelsite uses an embedded image instead of Java Script, it helps tracking data on mobile websites because mobile browsers don’t often run Java Script.

Meanwhile, people using popular online classified and auction websites can now effectively track how many times their listings are viewed by inserting a tracking pixel in the description of the item or the body of the listing. Instead of using page view counters that shares the page count with the competition, the free Pixelsite technology allows for valuable tracking data that’s insightful, secure and accurate.

“Both Craigslist and EBay have become critical sales channels for both small and medium sized businesses. But they have never had a tool available like Pixelsite to provide them with key marketing intelligence that feeds into Google Analytics,” Jonsek said. “Knowing how many true visitors viewed the listing can help Craigslist and EBay sellers become more effective in their ads and conversion rate. Best of all, our invisible pixel tracker doesn’t impact the listing and still provides the valuable data for free.”

Pixelsite is currently in BETA and is offering the service for free. Meanwhile, it is accepting donations from business owners and marketers to help improve the technology. For more information about the Pixelsite analytics tracking pixel solution for emails, craigslist ads and EBay listings, or to get a tracking pixel for yourself, please visit their website at


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