Most Installed Wal*Mart RFID Software Gets a DoD RFID Upgrade

epcSolutions RFIDTagManager v 3.5 adds DoD Compliance with UID and WAWF submission

Great Falls, VA, February 18, 2007 --( epcSolutions, Inc. is excited to announce the release of version 3.5 of its RFID software, RFIDTagManagerTM. The 3.5 release now provides complete DoD mandate compliance, with the added benefit of UID. With the 3.5 release, it is possible to submit a combined RFID/UID WAWF remittance and material handling document, as well as a hard copy generation of the DD250.

One of the biggest additions to version 3.5 is the integration with UID and RFID. epcSolutions has just announced a partnership with A2B Tracking, to integrate their flagship product UID Comply! Into version 3.5. This integrated offering allows DoD suppliers to manage all aspects of UID creation, registration, validation and UID labeling requirements while seamlessly integrating that data with a complete RFID labeling and Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) submission in a single package. RFIDTagManager’s WAWF Wizard is used to import the UID data directly from UID Comply! based on the contract and CLIN pairs that are being delivered on the shipment. The combined UID and RFID data is saved to a UDF file and the file is electronically submitted to the DoD via WAWF.

“We have worked with our DoD enduser customers as well as our DoD resellers to enhance the capability of RFIDTagManager for DoD suppliers”, states Chuck Williams, CTO epcSolutions. “We have also worked with our partner, A2B Tracking, to integrate their UID Comply! Product with RFIDTagManager to provide a one stop integrated solution for all DoD labeling requirements.” Mr. Williams continued.

“The 3.5 version of RFID Tag Manager is very comprehensive in its support for Department of Defense requirements” says B. Dwain Farley, Chief Executive Officer of Domino EIS, “it provides the best level of integration of RFID and UID for a DoD supplier that we have seen”.

In addition to the enhanced DoD RFID functionality RFIDTagManager v3.5 adds a new API (SDK) which provides the capability to allow external programs to print tags and retrieve tag read reports. The new user management feature provides added security. RFIDTagManager helps enterprises reduce the time, cost and effort of implementing RFID projects and fully meet retailers’ and DoD requirements for RFID compliance.

RFIDTagManager V.3.5 includes the following features and functions:

-Simple setup and use of RFID fixed readers, handheld readers and printers
-Compliance with major retailers’ and DoD programs including pre-built tag and label templates and specific business rules
-Label library has been expanded to include 4x2 case and pallet labels for Wal*Mart and DoD
-Association of cases to pallets and ability to accommodate “build to ship” and “build to stock” scenarios
-Verification of RFID label correctness and completion
-Full SQL database that facilitates integration of RFID tag data with ERP, WMS and other in-house enterprise systems
-Network device monitoring and management
-Full reporting capabilities.
-Direct integration with the DoD's Wide Area Workflow for material handling remittance documents
-Hard copy generation of DoD DD250 document
-Programmable API (SDK) allows external programs to send data and print labels via RFIDTagManager
-Administration features protects configuration data via user name and password
-Database administration for embedded database

RFIDTagManager supports all major RFID printers including: Zebra, Printronix, Datamax, Monarch, Sato and Intermec. They support all major fixed readers including: Alien, Omron, Symbol, Intermec and Thing Magic. RFIDTagManager also supports the Symbol, PSC, Psion Teknologik and Intermec handheld readers.

RFIDTagManager 3.5 is available immediately. If you are an existing customer, please contact your reseller, or epcSolutions direct. If you would like an evaluation copy, please contact us at 703-757-4470, or via email at

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epcSolutions, Inc. is the leading provider of RFID compliance software to the Wal*Mart and DoD supplier community. RFIDTagManager’s point and click wizards allow users to be compliant in under an hour. RFIDTagManager supports RFID hardware from leading vendors including Symbol, Zebra, Printronix, Alien, Intermec and others. RFIDTagManager provides a standalone data entry solution out of the box and is easily integrated with any ERP, WMS or database system such as JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle and IBM’s AS400 system to provide automated order import and label printing operations. Visit or

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