Book Trailer Released for Producer Vincent Rocca's Filmmaking Book, Rebel Without a Deal from PovertyWorks Productions

The trailer captures the essence of the filmmaking book in a Hollywood effects laden 60-second spot.

Hollywood, CA, March 06, 2011 --( Now available from PovertyWorks for immediate viewing at, the 60 second trailer gives readers a chance to glimpse what awaits them in the filmmaking book that has garnered rave reviews.

"I am extremely pleased," stated Rocca, "with the critical acceptance of this filmmaking book. We needed a trailer that elevated Rebel without a Deal and satisfied the filmmaking community. Unfortunately this wouldn't come cheep. We did call in a lot of favors, landed a well-known Hollywood writer and utilized a complete production crew. But where things got really pricey was in post production. There are over 30 effects shots in 60 seconds done employing the same high-end production suite that created the stunning visuals for Avatar and Inception. Next we harnessed a fully outfitted audio post facility to record over 20 Foley sounds and do the final audio mix down. The end result is one hell of a trailer that effectively tells the story of Rebel without a Deal and perfectly caters to the filmmaking books audience."

The 334 page book, Rebel without a Deal chronicles how a High School dropout made his first movie in five days for $11,000 and got it distributed through Warner Bros. where it went on to gross over a million dollars.

Everything is covered from film school to distribution including writing, financing, shooting, postproduction, film festivals, meeting Kevin Smith and suicidal depression. No subject is taboo. This is a real account of no-budget filmmaking, down to profit and loss statements.

Rebel without a Deal also contains conversations with New York Times-bestselling author and award winning screenwriter and director, Kevin Smith as he relates his experience with Clerks and Red State.

The new book trailer can be seen in High Definition at:

The filmmaking book Rebel Without a Deal is now available in paperback at Amazon and in digital e-book formats for the Kindle, Nook and iPad.

About Vincent Rocca
Born and raised in California, Vincent Rocca, a High School dropout, has always lived near Hollywood, but had no formal connections to the industry. After launching a successful adult video company, he went on to pursue a career in mainstream filmmaking and began writing about his experience. The journals chronicling the making of Kisses and Caroms became the basis for the book Rebel without a Deal, which is currently available from PovertyWorks Press in paperback and in e-book formats from your favorite online retailer.

Vincent Rocca