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Professional Organizers Get Help Reading Minds

Identity Developments launches new keyword research report to help Professional Organizers in the marketing and promotion of their websites.

Madison, WI, February 20, 2007 --( Identity Developments ( launches a new service, Industry Insights, with a new informational product for Professional Organizers. The first product in this new service is the Professional Organizers Keyword Report, providing a pre-compiled keyword research report for Professional Organizers.

Keyword research is at the foundation of search marketing and is especially crucial in search engine optimization (SEO). Continued rapid adoption of the web and increased focus on local search is making search marketing one of the most important marketing tools for any business.

Keyword research involves identifying important and related search terms that have been used in searches through various search engines. The information is analyzed along with other data to help identify search terms that may be highly relevant to a website's products or services. Terms are reviewed to determine overall competitiveness to identify those terms that may be easier to rank highly for in search engines.

Professional Organizers Keyword Report is unique because it has been compiled targeting the industry and is being offered publicly. While keyword research isn't new, it has typically been performed at the individual client level. Industry Insights was developed to provide information like the keyword report at an industry level, making the information more affordable to businesses that would not have been able to afford such research on their own. Keyword research can be extremely valuable, but costs can often extend into the thousands of dollars. This report makes the same type of information available for a fraction of the cost.

Professional Organizers represent an ideal test industry for launching this new product. While the industry has some recognizable names, most businesses are individuals or small firms, primarily marketing within their local area. Those seeking these services are more likely to seek help based on general needs or solutions, rather than by brands or company names.

The report can help those who purchase it by providing the researched and recommended search terms along with non-technical information for website and business owners on how to put the information to use to help better market their services, provide more value on their websites and help boost their rankings in search engines.

Search data isn't strictly limited to search marketing. The information may help identify areas for new website content that would be of interest to existing clients as well as potential clients. It may also identify growing areas of interest and needs, and may be used in offline marketing as well.

Identity Developments is a full service, SEO focused web presence provider located in Madison, Wis., primarily serving small to medium sized businesses. Identity Developments provides custom, SEO focused, XHTML/CSS web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, domain name registration and additional web related services.

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