Oltiby.com Introduces Verified Member Program to Enhance Its Online Auction Marketplace Safety

Oltiby.com provides an innovative online marketplace for buyers and sellers to conduct trade. Buyers post what they want to buy; sellers compete, posting their bids and reducing their prices to win the auction. The new Verified Member program enhances trust on Oltiby.com as both buyers and sellers are confident about making business with a verified member.

Oltiby.com Introduces Verified Member Program to Enhance Its Online Auction Marketplace Safety
Jupiter, FL, February 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Oltiby Inc. launches today its new security feature to make its reverse auction marketplace a safe platform for both buyers and sellers in an effort to stop identity theft and auction fraud. On Oltiby.com, it's the buyer's demand that drives down prices. At the opposite of regular auction sites, Oltiby's innovation comes from the ability for buyers to decide the maximum amount they are willing to pay for an item. Sellers are competing to win the business and buyers have the authority to choose their winner (not necessarily the cheapest one).

“Regular auction process has dominated the market until now in the online world thanks to eBay," S. Reiter, VP Oltiby Inc, explained. “Oltiby can come in complement of this selling business by focusing on the buying part of the procurement chain. Prices of merchandise should go down based on sellers' competition, not the other way around."

As the leading professional reverse online auction venue, Oltiby has  integrated many security improvements in the registration and bidding process. The optional verification of its registered members increases the security and ability for users to show they are really serious about reverse auction transactions.

“Each verified member must provide a valid credit card number along with the exact name, address and land line telephone number that matches their credit card billing information," Reiter explained. “This information is then verified against account registration data to ensure members are who they claim to be." The verification process may be simple, but it's also highly effective. While Oltiby's feedback system was designed to ensure buyers and sellers act in each other's best interests, the Verified Membership program instills even more confidence and trust among members.

Registered and verified members also have the opportunity to create free reverse auction and grant bidding rights to Verified Members only. In complement of Oltiby's MyBuyBlog service, this verification feature makes it the safest online buying space. People are keen on doing business with participants they know.

In today's worldwide market, online auctions users need to have confidence in the marketplace and trust its users members. The Verified Members program allows you to insist on the safest and most secure transactions available in the reverse online auction marketplace. For more information about how to become a verified member or about reverse online auctions, visit http://www.oltiby.com. Or contact the company directly at info@oltiby.com

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