City of Sebastian Approves Riverfront Parking Study

Sebastian, FL, March 12, 2011 --( A parking study for Sebastian’s Riverfront area was approved unanimously Wednesday night by the Sebastian City Council. The parking study was completed by Outlier Planning of West Palm Beach, and included an inventory of mostly public parking spaces in the Riverfront, and one-per-hour counts of parked cars for three days in November. There were also multiple forums for stakeholder participation, such as public meetings and the ability to access and comment on the Study online while work was being completed.

The Study concluded that, from an overall perspective, there is plenty of supply to meet demand for parking. However, the available parking in some instances is not near ultimate destinations, and sometimes there is not safe and convenient access between parking spaces and destinations - for example, due to the need to cross US-1 or due to a lack of sidewalks and lighting. A set of recommendations addresses: increasing public parking supply, particularly in the south part of the Riverfront near Riverview Park; delineating on-street spaces on US-1 through increased use of bulb-outs, brick pavers, and pavement markings; improving connectivity between US-1 on-street parking and destinations on Indian River Drive; instituting a wayfinding system including signs and a mobile-device friendly webpage; and, a number of others.

The Riverfront Parking Study was met with high praise from the members of the City Council. “I think this is a fantastic report,” Mayor Jim Hill said during a January 26 Council meeting. “I’m very pleased with the survey,” Vice-Mayor Don Wright added. All Council members included in their comments praise for Outlier Planning, and for the Parking Study. The vote to approve it was unanimous.

Outlier Planning, which works throughout Florida, provides expert planning services to public and private sector clients. Examples are services include comprehensive planning, redevelopment planning, functional plans (such as the parking study), development review / permitting, GIS and custom mapping and expert witness testimony.

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