inReverse Party Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Received Its First Major Update

The first game for iOS devices by Silent Apps Team has received its first major update. It was in development for two months and has been released a few days ago. inReverse Party Game has been highly praised in Russia where its based on a popular local TV show. The game now has all-new sound engine, integration with Facebook and many other improvements.

Riga, Latvia, March 12, 2011 --( Small Latvian development company Silent Apps Team only recently released its first iOS game, but it's been an immediate hit in App Store Russia reaching the top spot across all applications in just a week. Before moving to new projects the team worked on an update for inReverse Party Game for two months. The version 1.5.0 received a lot of new features as well as addressed almost all issues that have been reported by players.

The game idea is simple. One player records a short acapella fragment of any song that comes to mind. The second player then has to repeat reversed version of that song by recording it one short fragment at a time. When all fragments are recorded they are then reversed back to reveal something that resembles original song, but sounds weird and funny. The whole process of repeating reversed fragments is very entertaining as well.

"We did find one party-game app, however, that was gloriously dumb – dumb in that 'I hate to admit it, but playing this game is actually a hoot' way. That would be inReverse Party Game," said about the game in their short review of party apps.

One of the most requested features for the new version was the rewritten from scratch sound engine that is responsible for splitting songs into fragments. The old version often made cuts in the middle of words, making it hard for players to guess reversed songs. New engine now correctly detects pauses and splits recording into whole words.

Another important and requested improvement is the ability for players to choose fragments as short as one second. This allows practically anyone to repeat reversed sounds. Almost mandatory nowadays Facebook integration has been added as well.

Silent Apps Team is now putting their first project aside for some time. The team has started working on two new projects in parallel.

Silent Apps Team
Vasiliy Popov