Kindle is King for Bibliotastic E-Readers

According to a poll of users Amazon’s Kindle is the most popular ereading device by a wide margin. Over 40% named the Kindle as the device they predominantly used to read ebooks.

London, United Kingdom, March 14, 2011 --( In the poll of bibliotastic users around 43% named the Kindle as the device they predominantly used to read ebooks. Just 9% of bibliotastic users named the Sony Reader and another 9% opted for all other e-ink devices combined (Nook, Kobo, etc). Around 20% of respondents still used a PC or laptop to read ebooks while 8% used mobile phones and 6% used tablets such as the iPad.

“The ereading device votes broadly match are download statistics,” said Bernard Gerard, co-founder of bibliotastic. “Around 32% of our book downloads over the same time period were in Kindle format, well ahead of the 23% of downloads in the EPUB format used on the Sony Reader and most other e-ink devices. The high proportion of PDF downloads (45%) reflects those users reading ebooks on PCs, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones as well as those that want to browse the book on their PC before deciding whether to download the ebook version for their specialised ereading device.”

Only a small minority of’s users actually access the site via a mobile device but of these over half use an Apple product. “Around 5% of our visitors access the site with a mobile device,” explained Gerard, “of which 34% use Android, 25% are iPads, 18% iPhones and 10% an iPod. Collectively that is 53% for Apple devices. In contrast Nokia devices comprise just 8% of our mobile visitors”.

The survey was carried out over 18 days through March 10 and included the responses of 327 users.


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