FERI Designer Lines Partners with Executives Lisa and Alana Hamilton of AYFS Inc.

FERI Designer Lines (FERIĀ®) and AYFS Inc. Financial Consultants are focused on promoting the benefits of investing in precious gems and metals.

Mississauga, Canada, March 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- FERI Designer Lines (FERI®) Partners with executives Lisa M. Hamilton, VicePresident of Marketing Strategy and Alana Hamilton, President & CEO of AYFS Inc., Financial Consultants.

The executives are also consultants with FERI and are focused on promoting the benefits of investing in precious gems and metals.

It is common practice for financial advisors to recommend to their clients that a minimum of 10% of their investment portfolio consist of precious gems and metals. This is still something that AYFS Inc., recommends to its clients. Accordingly, executives Lisa and Alana Hamilton, understand that the public loves to invest in designer labels, such as Gucci, Chanel, Versace, Louis Vuitton etc. After meeting with some of the shareholders of the company and learning more about the objectives, Lisa and Alana realized they can pair the importance in investing in precious gems and metals, with the public's love of designer labels.

FERI® designer line consists of the highest quality of silver, gold, tungsten, high tech ceramic and plangsten®.

FERI Tungsten and Plangsten®: Using the extremely sturdy, hard and scratch resistant materials like Tungstenand High Tech Ceramica-this line is modern, durable and made to last.

In addition FERI introduces one of a kind Plangsten® compound made of Tungsten Carbide and Platinum, an extremely durable, resistant and valuable material that is patented and exclusive to the company.

19K Signature Series: high quality 19 karat gold designer pieces with handset diamonds and hundreds of designs exclusive to FERI®.

FERI MOSH: An unheard of patented compound of 21 karat gold, handset high quality diamonds and precious gemstones and exclusive designs-investment pieces that are fashionable, luxurious and of exceptionally high quality.

Besides Jewellery, FERI® designer line consists of handbags, timepieces and as of March 2011 also sun shields. All the products are a fine combination of best quality materials, best craftsmanship and technology.

Lisa M. Hamilton has recently launched her natural hair & beauty website: www.thecurlyclique.com and will soon launch her line of all natural beauty products: EllaMari™. She has decided to also use the name in association with FERI designer products, to further promote inner & outer beauty in women.

To purchase from the FERI® designer line, please visit: www.globalwealthtrade.com/ellamari

For more information on all of FERI® designer line products, please visit: www.feridesignerlines.com

For more information on investment opportunities please visit: www.ayfsinc.com

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