Bluespring Software Announces Business Process Management (BPM) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Robust BPM Suite Adds Advanced Workflow Automation, Enterprise Integration, and Process Intelligence to CRM-driven Business Processes.

Cincinnati, OH, March 18, 2011 --( Bluespring Software (Bluespring), a leading provider of Business Process Innovation (BPI) technology and solutions, today announced the launch of Bluespring BPM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a robust Business Process Management solution pre-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Based on Bluespring’s BPM5 suite, Bluespring BPM for Microsoft Dynamics provides the tools for advanced workflow automation, enterprise systems integration, and process intelligence for CRM-driven business processes. It is seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM platform, and is capable of handling even the most complex enterprise-spanning business processes. It enables business analysts to rapidly design, deploy, manage, and continuously improve both people-centric and system-centric business processes initiated by Microsoft Dynamics CRM with little or no need for IT resources.

Bluespring BPM is far more powerful than basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow capabilities, while being much easier to use for processes that go beyond simple workflows. With Bluespring BPM, you can:

• Enable business analysts to collaborate with process owners and other business people to visually configure, review, and refine business processes.

• Create end-to-end, multi-path business processes that involve complex business rules, tie together disparate systems, and dynamically create or manipulate documents and e-mail messages.

• Configure and deploy unified business processes without the need to use technical development tools such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK and Windows Workflow Foundation to create custom code.

• Provide users with real-time visibility that enables them to see the location of individual items (e.g. a quote or order) within an operating process, identify current bottlenecks, and use real-time controls to make process adjustments “on the fly”.

• Automatically capture and report process performance KPIs (e.g. incident arrival rate, customer service demand, and case resolution time) to support process analysis and continuous improvement.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an excellent platform to address enterprise needs in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service,” said Rich Kurz, Vice President of Client Services for Bluespring. “But events within CRM often need to trigger activities throughout the enterprise, or require accumulation of information from various data and document repositories. As companies begin to map out their processes, they quickly find that even moderately complex workflows require custom development and extensive IT skills. With Bluespring BPM, organizations can now configure even complex CRM-driven workflows without custom programming, and with little or no involvement from IT.”

“Embrace Pet Insurance ( is in the process of implementing Bluespring BPM5 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “We need workflow and business process management capabilities that go well beyond what basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides,” said Alex Krooglik, Embrace Pet Insurance Vice President of Marketing. “We’re using Bluespring BPM because it enables us to automate and track end-to-end business processes that integrate information from CRM and non-CRM systems. Without Bluespring BPM this would have required extensive and expensive development work. We are excited we’ve been able to use Bluespring BPM to build on our solid CRM platform.”

Offered with affordable licensing, built completely on the easily managed Microsoft technology platform, and backed by cost-effective support services, Bluespring BPM makes it easy for just about any organization to leverage the power of enterprise-class BPM within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Bluespring Software ( is a leading provider of Business Process Innovation (BPI) technology and solutions. Using a “Rapid Process Assessment” methodology combined with advanced solutions for Business Process Analysis (BPA), Business Process Management (BPM) and Operational Excellence (OE), Bluespring helps organizations clearly understand and significantly improve key business processes in order to reduce cost, increase customer responsiveness, ensure quality, maintain compliance, and support growth. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bluespring is a member of the Vora Group.

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