PoKos Boosts Mobile Brand Marketing and Social Media with Launch of Point-and-Chatâ„¢

Portsmouth, NH, March 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Today, PoKos Communications Corp announced the addition of breakthrough "Point-and-Chat™" to its market-leading mobile marketing platform, Social Messaging™. Point-and-Chat is the first and only software on the market that enables users to point their phone at any other user in sight and send them a message, without inputting any contact information, checking in, or having social network membership.

With the addition of Point-and-Chat, PoKos’ Social Messaging™ becomes the first platform through which companies can offer consumers edgy, valuable and lasting brand benefits in their mobile marketing campaigns. Social Messaging contains the company’s feature-rich consumer IM/text App PoKos Chat™, including innovative Point-and-Chat.

“We are delighted to launch Point-and-Chat™, which ushers in a new era of peer-to-peer (P2P) communications,” CEO/founder timo platt explains. “It offers tremendous value to companies by allowing them to engage their targeted audience directly on their phones, leveraging virtually universal texting behavior with novel, effective, and fun features for business collaboration, networking, and social uses.”

Social Messaging provides a new mobile social media touch point for brands to engage potential and existing customers and enhance these interactions through customized messaging.

Companies use Social Messaging™ to reach all users in a target audience directly on their mobile phones, and directly engage consumers in group and 1:1 chats – without contact information or expensive listservs and databases. Because Social Messaging is better-integrated with consumers’ mobile lifestyle than other social media options, brands can connect their message to consumers throughout the day and at a variety of events including conferences, sporting events, concerts, nightclubs, or the local bar, restaurant or block party.

PoKos’ products will drive widespread acceptance of mobile social media. Social Messaging™ is the first platform to deliver all three key elements required for a successful mobile social media application: it allows people to make new connections; enhances existing social behaviors while enabling new ones; and respects the user’s intimate and private mobile phone experience.

Marketers use Social Messaging today to target users of Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

By the end of next month, they can also touch Android and Blackberry users, which will make Social Messaging the first brand marketing platform designed to reach 80% of the North American smart phone market.

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timo platt
CEO/Founder, PoKos Communication Corp

About PoKos— PoKos Communications Corp creates and delivers Social Messaging™, a new text, broadcast and brand marketing software platform for smart phones. Social Messaging enables users to make new connections and enrich their lives, while providing companies and agencies with the first mobile brand marketing solution to reach and engage in continuous conversations with targeted groups. PoKos is based in Portsmouth, NH. www.pokos.biz
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