Distinctive Remodelers Fashion Custom Gazebo, Driveways and Fresh Landscaping Plan for New Lenox Home

New Lenox, IL, March 19, 2011 --(PR.com)-- When Pete and Bobbi Egle decided to fill in their old in-ground swimming pool, they knew they needed an expert to help them reinvent their backyard and overall landscaping plan. So they enlisted the aid of Distinctive Construction Services Inc., which was able to pool its remodeling and landscaping resources together to create an exciting new exterior look for the couple’s New Lenox home.

As empty nesters residing in a two-story home built in the 1960s, the Egles recently came to the conclusion that their pool had outlived its usefulness. Now, with major repairs beckoning and waning interest in swimming in and maintaining the pool, Bobbi and Pete decided to fill in the big hole and lay sod over it. But once completed, that left a huge gap in their backyard which cried out for attention. So in its place, they imagined a new gazebo with walking paths leading from it to the home’s front and rear entrances, as well as freshly planted foliage and tidier landscaping that would prevent their Rottweiler Bella from tracking dirt and mud back into the house.

“We began calling different companies last August, but soon learned that most firms could either do one or the other—build the gazebo as general contractors, or put in the landscaping,” said Pete. “Eventually we ended up phoning Distinctive Remodelers after reading a newspaper article about one of their projects.”

Distinctive Construction Services Inc. chairman Bryan Nooner personally visited the Egles’ home and surprised the couple when he said his two divisions—Midwest Landscape Design and Distinctive Remodelers—could consolidate its services to more efficiently and economically complete all phases of the project.

Pete and Bobbi told Bryan they yearned for a sizeable, maintenance-free gazebo with a screened-in porch and a ceiling fan/light that they could enjoy during the warmer months and that could serve as an attractive focal point and centerpiece in the rear of their property.

“Bryan also made many creative and practical suggestions to improve our landscaping. He then went back to the shop, drew up some detailed plans as to what he envisioned for our grounds and came back with an impressive outdoor design,” said Bobbi. “It was clear that we picked the right company for the job.”

Because Distinctive was able to integrate its in-house services, “the design phase went quickly and smoothly, as we coordinated all the elements needed in one design platform,” said Bryan. “That took a lot of stress off the homeowners and saved us weeks of design meetings.”

The Distinctive crew crafted a 16-foot-diameter, 12-foot-high wood-constructed custom gazebo topped with white vinyl for easy upkeep. They laid walkways on either side of the gazebo—leading to the front and back doors of the house—using Ashbury haze brick pavers sporting warm red and brown earth tones.

Several large older trees were removed, primarily ones that shed messy nuisance fruits like thornapples. Planted in their places and in other perimeter spots were tall birch and pine trees, magnolias and spruces, “trees which elicit a soothing feeling, create a visual buffer and add extra privacy,” Bryan said.

Additionally, the Distinctive team planted a variety of perennials and plants that would add a diverse blend of colors and textures and provide extra density and coverage to fill in bare spots—among them roses, hostas, weigelias, boxwood shrubs, black-eyed Susans, lilacs, Japanese maples and wild prairie grasses.

When it came to choosing the right foliage for their project, “we deferred to Bryan’s expertise on species, colors and the rest,” Bobbi said. “He also convinced us that putting in rock instead of mulch around plantings and trees was best for our overall theme.”

The Egles’ project didn’t stop there, however. Bobbi and Pete expressed to Bryan their desire to eventually replace their existing dual driveways—one leading to their detached garage, the other to the front entrance—for wider access and a more decorative look. Bryan amazed them again when he said that Distinctive could handle that portion of the project, too.

But instead of installing expensive stamped concrete, as they originally envisioned, Bryan suggested using the same attractive brick pavers for the driveway that they chose for the walking paths, which would save thousands and produce a more harmonious, consistent look across their grounds. Excited by the idea, the couple gave Distinctive the green light to proceed and came away thoroughly impressed by the outcome.

“I was blown away by the finished product, which far exceeded our expectations. Now, when you look out from the front or back of our home, you can’t help but say ‘wow—this really looks nice and all tied together,’” said Pete. “We have received many compliments from our family, neighbors, and people walking by our house, as to how nice the project turned out.”

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