Innovative Advertising Venture Capital Program Launched to Help Emerging Companies

Las Vegas, NV, March 20, 2011 --( Media Funding Solutions Announces Innovative Advertising Venture Capital Program That Provides Emerging Companies with Funding for Large Scale National Ad Campaigns

In this challenging economy most companies find themselves in a tight cash squeeze. It has become increasingly difficult for businesses to raise the enormous amount of capital that is necessary to launch and sustain major national advertising campaigns that will fuel growth, increase their market share and help turn their products and services into household names. Media Funding Solutions has today announced a series of innovative Advertising Venture Capital Programs to make it possible for companies to get the national advertising they need to get to the next level.

The four primary advertising funding programs offered by Media Funding Solutions (MFS) are:

Advertising Venture Capital - MFS will invest its media inventories in your company
Advertising for Stock Financing - MFS will provide major advertising in return for stock in your company
Cross-Purchase Ad Financing - MFS will purchase your company's products & services and other assets to pay for your advertising
Retail Chain Product Placement Ad Financing - MFS provides your company with up to $10 million in Ad Funding to help you get your products carried in major Retail Chains

Large Scale National TV, Radio Print, Outdoor, Transit and Internet Ad Campaigns are all available using MFS media funding programs.

Jay Greenlees