Link Analysis Software Enhances Data Import, Declutter and Visualization

The latest version (4.6) of the Sentinel Visualizer software offers enhanced data-visualization tools including improved filters and data-import.

Washington, DC, March 23, 2011 --( Sentinel Visualizer Version 4.6 Released with Enhanced Data Visualization

FMS, Inc. (, an In-Q-Tel portfolio company, has released Version 4.6 of its Sentinel Visualizer data visualization and link analysis software. Originally released in 2005, Sentinel Visualizer offers link charts, social network analysis, geospatial mapping, and the examination of timelines based on a user-customizable knowledgebase. The Professional and Premium Editions of Sentinel 4.6 now provide enhanced integration with Google Earth and improved data import and analysis.

"Sentinel Visualizer continues to evolve in response to our customer needs to analyze more and more data," says Luke Chung, President of FMS. "With improved tools to import, declutter, redraw, and filter, Sentinel Visualizer 4.6 enables analysts to sift through large data sets to gain insight into complex relationships faster and more accurately than ever."

New features in Version 4.6 include:

Enhanced Declutter tool simplifies the process of gaining insight from large data sets

- filter by Degree, Entity Weight, Entity Value, Relationship Weight, and Relationship Value
- filter by Metadata values
- filter by amount (for example currency amount)

Send a filtered list or visually select a network to a new visualizer window without having to recreate the network
"Save" data import specifications for reuse
Data import detects and prevents duplicate data
Data import allows you to import data into an entity’s "Value" field for more effective data visualization and filtering
Google Earth Version 6 integration automatically maps entities without requiring Latitude and Longitude values

"We use Sentinel Visualizer practically every day," says Phill Arnold with Counterfeiting Intelligence Services (CISAA) in Australia. "It’s made an enormous impact on our ability to effectively visualize and analyze our data sets."

Sentinel Visualizer is in use by the intelligence community, law enforcement, and commercial organizations for diverse missions such as counter-terrorism, gang analysis, commercial fraud detection, human resource management, training, call center activity, politics, academic research, etc. With its link charts, hidden second- and third-order relationships among people, places, and things become instantly visible and understandable.

Sentinel Visualizer is offered in three versions: Standard, Professional, and Premium. Sentinel Visualizer does not require a dongle.

About the FMS Advanced Systems Group
The FMS Advanced Systems Group is a division of FMS, Inc. an award-winning, privately owned, small minority-owned business. Founded in 1986, FMS has almost 25 years of experience delivering proven solutions to a wide range of customers. FMS applications are used by tens of thousands of commercial and government organizations in the US and over 100 countries. The Advanced Systems Group focuses on visualization and analytical solutions for the Federal Government, Law Enforcement, and commercial customers. FMS is an In-Q-Tel Portfolio company.

About Counterfeiting Intelligence Services (
CISAA specializes in Intellectual Property Rights Investigation. They have successfully penetrated organizations involved in the theft or misuse of Intellectual Property throughout Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

About Google Earth
Google Earth provides global satellite imagery and maps with dynamic ability to zoom and fly between locations. Google purchased the technology for Google Earth from Keyhole, another investment by In-Q-Tel.

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In-Q-Tel is the non-profit venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency dedicated to bridging the gap between commercial technology and the needs of the intelligence community.

Press Release Contact: Dan Wasser
Director of Business Development

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