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Atlanta, GA, March 24, 2011 --( Gervais Group LLC has made an announcement on what businesses should be looking for when seeking to hire an SEO company. There are many website marketing companies out there, making it imperative to understand what makes for successful website marketing.

Here are five characteristics businesses should look for when hiring an SEO company:

* Research based SEO – While it may not sound exciting, website marketing strategies are always more successful when they are based on an analysis of keywords and competition prior to the start of a campaign. This analysis allows for the avoidance of overly competitive general terms which tend to produce poor results. This analysis typically points toward under-utilized keywords which can drive targeted traffic with a much higher percentage of conversions.

* Results based SEO – An SEO company should not hesitate to present metrics and results. After a given period, results and metrics should be presented on a regular basis. Secondly, results such as traffic and conversions should be showing positive trends on the initiatives which are underway.

* A successful website marketing company will be able to define what they do in layman’s terms - While the work may have technical aspects, it should still be explainable. Some corporate SEO companies will provide a vague explanation in hopes of covering up shoddy or non-existent practices. This vagueness can also prove to be an indication that black hat techniques are being employed. If caught under these circumstances it is the website owner, not the SEO firm which stands to be punished by the search engines.

* The focus is on targeted traffic and conversions as opposed to sheer traffic numbers - A good SEO company will be well aware that visits won’t translate into conversions if that traffic is not targeted. A successful website marketing company will keep track of conversion levels and ratios to make sure that optimal results are being achieved.

* After basing the initial SEO efforts on research, good website marketing companies will continue analyzing any and all data relating to the SEO efforts for the site - This allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and pursue new growth opportunities when they present themselves.

Gervais Group LLC provides clear insight on all website marketing activities while targeting the one result that is most important to a website; conversions.

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