Looking for Love in All the Wrong Species: The Greatest of These Release Their Second Album

The Greatest of These, an indie/alternative rock band from central Kentucky, are releasing their second studio album. The band talks about the music on this album and the upcoming tour this summer.

Richmond, KY, March 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- When asked if there is a message that this album of indie/alternative rock songs conveys, lead singer Todd Melton simply states, “It’s about looking for love in all the wrong species: robots, politicians, high class women, etc. It’s about falling, for better or worse, for someone or something and later being disappointed.” The Greatest of These are planning a party to release their second full-length album, entitled Zeroth Law, on March 26th at Paddy Wagon Irish Pub in Richmond, KY. They are currently planning to embark on a summer-long tour to support their release, touring the eastern US.

When asked to reflect on his thoughts about the album, Steve Jones replied, “I remember thinking when I was growing up that a lot of the bands I would listen to would put out a great first album and then fall short with their attempts after that. I feel that we have been successful in avoiding that and proving that this a band full of talent and capable of writing great songs.”

Drummer Trent Garrison agrees. “I'm really happy with how the album turned out. Each of us has our own style, and it was cool to see how all those styles combined to form this album. It rocks hard at times, but also has intelligent lyrics, cool harmonies, and complex rhythms.”

The Greatest of These recorded Zeroth Law at The Hollow Recording Studio, in Clover Bottom, KY. The self-titled, 2007 album was also recorded there. “We really enjoy working with Vince [West, the studio’s owner and recording engineer]. He has gotten to know us over the last few years and really knows our style,” says Dustin Tennill, the band’s bassist. The Hollow records with ADAT, which TGOT is pretty partial to. “There’s something that just feels right about recording to actual tape.” Vince has shared his enthusiasm for the music they have created together as well. “One of "The Greatest" bands I've had the privilege of working with. Their music will melt your face off, in a good way.”

The album was written over the course of the last couple years, and recorded over 6 months of weekends and late nights. The album was mixed at The Hollow, then sent to Kevin “Darth Fader” Johnson for mastering in Lexington, KY. When asked if Kevin had any thoughts about the work he helped shape, he said about Zeroth Law, “What a great collection of eclectic rock and roll. Truly an enjoyable listen!”

The Greatest of These are an independent alternative rock band from central Kentucky. They have released one EP (2003) and two albums (2007, 2011). In 2011, the band will be playing dozens of shows around the Central Kentucky area before heading out on the road to several regional venues and festivals.

TGOT have opened for a wide range of interesting artists, including: Adler’s Appetite (Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses), Appetite for destruction, and country legend Bobby Bare, just to name a few.

The Greatest of These are available for interviews and appearances. Contact band representative Toni Melton for more information.


The Greatest of These
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