Shift Brand Integration Group Announces New Site and New Services

Shift Brand Integration Group, a strategic entertainment marketing agency that works with advertisers and producers to create unique revenue streams through product placement and video production, announces new site and new services.

Los Angeles, CA, March 30, 2011 --( Shift Brand Integration Group is pleased to announce a list of new services along with the re-launch of its corporate website:

Shift is a strategic entertainment marketing agency that works with advertisers and production companies to create revenue streams through brand integration and cross-platform marketing.

“We are taking on more projects and needed a site that could reflect everything we do,” says Benny Nordberg, Business Development Manager at Shift Brand Integration Group. “We’ve become more than just a product placement company that places advertisers into TV and movies,” says Nordberg. “We integrate advertisers into all forms of entertainment, from TV to film to web series to video to iDevice apps and games. Then we aim to help everyone make money from it.”

Shift Brand Integration Group consults Producers on how to incorporate brand integration strategies to bring in additional revenue.

“With producers, we typically introduce the concept of brand integration as a real revenue stream; however, we often have to start with a marketing plan to ensure there is value for an advertiser who decides to get involved. Therefore, we begin by building a cross-platform marketing plan. If producers want to get their project sold or have it stand out, they need to pay attention to how their project is marketed,” says Nordberg. “ Knowing this helps them make money.”

Shift works with Advertisers to help them find appropriate brand integration opportunities. The company states that if opportunity doesn’t exist, they will create it.

“With advertisers, we are consulting them on brand integration opportunities or how to use video production and video marketing to their benefit,” says Nordberg. “If we can’t find an outside opportunity for a brand, we will make the brand the focal point—a kind of branded entertainment.”

“For example,” says Nordberg, “we created an integrated plan for one of our clients that earned a high ranking position on iTunes. We built the plan, integrated advertisers, produced the videos and distributed it on iTunes. It’s been a huge success for the client.”

Shift Brand Integration Group is passionate about giving people the knowledge to intelligently evaluate their options.

“Our goal is to shift the way you think,” says Nordberg. “Everyone can benefit from a paradigm shift of some sort. We believe that if you don’t change the way you think about marketing in this overwhelmed media world of ours, you will get lost in the cache. Our tag line says it all: Shift your thinking. Drive results.”

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