Alkacon Software Launches OpenCms 7.5.4

OpenCms version 7.5.4 is now ready and available for free download from Alkacon Software. OpenCms is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management Solutions. Version 7.5.4 is a maintenance release and security update to fix several bugs (e.g. concerning Internet Explorer, Firefox and Oracle database)

Cologne, Germany, March 30, 2011 --( Version 7.5.4 of OpenCms is now ready and available for download from

OpenCms is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management Solutions. This new version was developed by Alkacon Software GmbH with the support of the international OpenCms developer community.

OpenCms 7.5.4 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of issues that persisted in the 7.5.3 version. This version fixes several security issues, concerning cross site scripting (XSS) and offers improved compatibility, performance and stability when working with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Oracle database.

The handling of historical versions has been improved and database requests at driver layer have been optimized.

OpenCms 7.5.4 is fully backward compatible to all prior 7 versions. It is recommended that OpenCms users update their installation to the 7.5.4 release. OpenCms 7.5 is largely backward compatible with version 6. An easy to use update wizard for OpenCms Version 6 and prior 7 installations for MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL is available.

General Features of OpenCms 7.5:
"Direct Edit" allows editing of content directly from a web page. Moreover, OpenCms offers editors for nearly every use case. The XML content Editor for structured content / pages generated automatically from a simple XML schema. OpenCms includes an editor with syntax highlighting functionality for all text based files (e.g. XML, HTML, JSP). A WYSIWYG editor for unstructured pages is available.

OpenCms offers an easy to use "Online / Offline" workflow, where all changes or new pages must be approved / published first before they become visible "Online."

The "Content Relationship Engine" (CRE) of OpenCms allows a full internal management of relations and links for all resources in the system. If files (or folders) are moved, all links to these files are kept intact.

OpenCms 7.5 has an integrated image processing, scaling and cropping. Images and other content are organized in galleries with advanced AJAX features. Gallery dialogs support grouping of content by category or based on folder.

The full featured internal user management supports the concept of "Organizational Units" (OUs). It is possible to delegate management of users / groups in OUs to Sub-Administrators. User permissions are based on a complete set of system "Roles."

Extensions and Add-Ons for OpenCms can be added through a full featured module system.

JSP integration allows standards based creation of dynamic functionality in templates, dynamic forms etc.

OpenCms supports Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, DB2, AS400 and HSQLDB databases.

About OpenCms:
Independent research has shown OpenCms to be a market leading solution amongst Open Source CMS systems. The software has been in continuous development for the last 9 years and has an active community of Open Source developers.

More than 100 international IT companies have been registered as official OpenCms Solution Provider on the OpenCms website. A steadily growing list of reference sites also shows the increasing use of OpenCms.

OpenCms is an enterprise - ready web content management solution build in Java and XML from open source components. OpenCms can easily be deployed on almost any existing IT infrastructure and provides powerful features especially suited for medium and large enterprise internet or intranet applications. OpenCms is open source software distributed under the LGPL license.

About Alkacon Software:
Alkacon Software GmbH is the company responsible for the development of OpenCms. Today OpenCms is a leading open source CMS solution in widespread use all over the world. Many businesses and organizations use OpenCms as a cost effective, professional alternative to expensive license products. Alkacon Software GmbH is the official maintainer and the major contributor for OpenCms.

Alkacon Software GmbH offers its customers training, support and add-on products for OpenCms. This gives the customer a layer of security and convenience often required for mission critical OpenCms installations.

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