ATS Announces the iQ-200™ to Measure Velocity, Temperature and Pressure by Lab Instrument

Advanced Thermal Solutions, ATS, now offers the iQ-200™ thermal analysis system, which precisely measures both air and solid temperatures, air velocity and air pressure for comprehensive profiling of heat sinks, components, and PCBs.

Norwood, MA, March 30, 2011 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, ATS, has introduced the iQ-200™ system for measuring air velocity, temperature and pressure at the same time using a single instrument. The iQ-200™ system is the only device that simultaneously captures data from up to 12 J-type thermocouples, 16 air/velocity sensors, and four pressure sensors.

The thermocouples provide surface area temperature measurements on heat sinks and spreaders, component packages, housing parts, and other locations to track heat flow or detect hot spots. Temperature data is tracked from -40 to 750°C. The sensors (available separately) measure both air temperature and velocity at multiple points allowing a detailed analysis of airflow. Thin, low profile ATS candlestick sensors are easily placed throughout a system under test and can measure airflow from -10 to +65°C. Air velocity is measured from natural convection up to 6 m/s (1200 ft/min). The iQ-200™ can be factory modified to measure airflow to 50 M/s (10,000 ft/min) and air temperature up to 85°C. Four differential transducers capture pressure drop data along circuit cards, assemblies and orifice plates. Standard pressure measurement capabilities range from 0 – 1,034 Pa (0 – 0.15 psi).

The ATS iQ-200™ system comes preloaded with user-friendly IQstage™ application software which effectively manages incoming data from the various sensor devices, and allows rich graphic presentation on monitors and captured on videos or documents. The iQ-200™ connects via USB to any conventional PC for convenient data management, storage and sharing.

More information on the iQ-200™ system from ATS can be found on by clicking to the iQ-200™ at this link, by email ATS at or by calling 781-769-2800.

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Andrea Koss