Don Brown’s “Defiance” Set to be Released Against Drama-Filled Political Backdrop

Don Browns' new book is about the murder of an international attorney, the posturing of a power-hungry female U.S. Senator running for president, the schemes of a psychotic stalker, and the high-stakes drama of a daring rescue mission: Navy JAG Officer Lieutenant Commander Zack Brewer is in the spotlight and the danger zone.

Charlotte, NC, February 25, 2007 --( Writing a novel based around current events is no easy task. Just ask writer Don Brown (, author of soon-to-be-released “Defiance” (Zondervan, March 2007). 

“My two previous novels (Treason and Hostage) certainly had elements based on twenty-first century politics,” says Brown. “They were not, however, based on any specific political figures -- it’s tough to write an entire novel in time to keep up with the ever-changing face of American politics.” 

Whether he planned it or not, “Defiance” is set to be released at a time when one of the nation’s most talked-about senators is making moves that parallel one of the main characters in his book. 

“Senator Eleanor Claxton is a US presidential hopeful trying to gain support by attacking JAG officer Zack Brewer for prosecuting a sailor charged with homosexual assault on board a U.S. Navy submarine,” states Brown. “She needs liberal support in the California primary, and she pulls out all the stops to get what she wants. The circumstances aren’t exactly the same as Senator Hillary Clinton’s, but Claxton and Clinton share the same political views.” 

“Defiance” is the third novel in Brown's Navy Justice Series. Based around the life of Lieutenant Commander Zack Brewer, it picks up where his second novel left off. Still grieving the loss of Diane Colcernian -- which occurred in “Hostage” -- Zack remains with the Navy seeking refuge from public interest coming on the heels of his previous legal achievements. He is unwittingly thrown into the spotlight again when his trial is hijacked by Senator Claxton, who is seeks political support for her liberal views by labeling the trial as a “witch hunt.” 

One JAG Officer involved in the trial is mysteriously murdered. At the same time, Navy intelligence reveals Brewer's life may also be in danger. NCIS agent Shannon McGilverry is assigned to protect Brewer, but as she begins to link a murder in Paris with rumors of hostages hidden in the Mongolian desert, her own heart becomes threatened by each truth she reveals – Zack’s not only targeted by terrorists, but also someone closer to home. 

“Several themes in “Defiance” relate to current political happenings,” says Brown. “Worldwide conflict, mysterious deaths, hostages – we hear about all this on a daily basis in America.” 

“Defiance” also capitalizes on recent interest the entertainment industry has created surrounding the government and undercover operations. Television programs such as “24”, “JAG”, and “The West Wing” have gained loyal followers by basing plots against the current backdrop of American politics -- a move that Brown hopes will be reflected in sales of his new book. 

“Politics naturally create their own drama. Fiction often doesn’t seem like fiction when you sprinkle in current events,” adds Brown. “That’s why I think readers get so hooked on this type of entertainment. It’s all so realistic.”

Matt Cantor