Free For All, Inc.® Crosses Over 30 Million in Healthcare Savings

Marlton, NJ, April 02, 2011 --( RxCut® Plus, the prescription savings program, powered by Free For All, Inc.®, announced today that it has collectively saved consumers over $30 million dollars on prescription costs since it was founded in 2008. Between January and February 2011, the RxCut® Equalizer Card was used to process; on average over 34,800 prescriptions weekly. The total consumer savings of $30 million is a direct result of the deep discounts of up to 75 percent on prescription medications provided by RxCut® Plus. Chief Information Officer of Free For All, Inc.® (FFA), Eric Shugarts reported, ”During 2009 FFA increased card usage by 62,000 transactions per month. During 2010 FFA increased card usage by 84,000 transactions per month.” That’s over a 500 percent revenue growth.

RxCut®, the Equalizer in healthcare, guarantees card users are receiving the absolute lowest possible price on their prescription drugs, whether it’s the insurance copay, the pharmacy retail price, or the RxCut® Price. RxCut® Plus realizes that the practice of charging consumers a copayment that is higher than the retail price the consumer would pay without insurance is an ongoing business practice in the healthcare industry. Over 210 million Americans receive drug benefits through their employer and often pay a copay that is higher than the RxCut® Price. RxCut® Plus acts as the gatekeeper in all pharmacy transactions, ensuring consumers always pay the lowest possible price.

Assistant Vice President of Operations, Anna Whelpley, who has been with FFA since it’s foundation, explained, “We keep overhead low by being as efficient as possible. We are always looking to see how we can make our internal processes better and enhance our training. Our focus on efficiency has allowed our small full time staff of 12 people to support customer service, sales, marketing, IT and accounting for over 1,000 clients, brokers and reps; and over hundreds of thousands of card holders nationwide and in Puerto Rico.”

The RxCut® Plus Prescription Savings Program is a “no strings attached” free-for-all program designed to assist all those in need. FFA negotiates deep discount with the pharmacy and passes them along to consumers. The founder and CEO of FFA Gerard Ferro lives by the guiding principal that affordable healthcare is an inalienable right of all and believes it is an injustice that people have to choose between buying groceries, paying their bills and filling their prescriptions. The RxCut® Plus Equalizer program provides people with a solution to paying the high costs of healthcare by providing them free access to discounts on prescription drugs and laboratory and imaging services.

Ferro, explained, “Free For All, Inc® was established to assist all those suffering through unemployment, and those uninsured and even underinsured. We provided free access to insurance level discounts in pharmacy, laboratory and imaging. Our most recent enhancement, the Equalizer, now allows those with a $10 insurance copay or higher to also save. We have found that on 7 out of 10 prescriptions, a member can save up to half of their copay just by asking ‘What’s my RxCut Price?,’ after the pharmacist tells them what their insurance copay is. I believe it’s time now for consumers to take control of their healthcare, and by using our free card, consumers will be assured that they will absolutely be guaranteed the lowest price at the pharmacy- whether it be their insurance copay, the retail price, or the RxCut price. It’s time for you to take control of your healthcare.”

RxCut® Plus offers sponsorship opportunities for individuals, organizations and companies to earn a residual commission- based income by simply handing out free prescription discount cards and helping people save on their prescription costs. Each time a card user pays for a prescription medication using the RxCut® Plus equalizer card, and it saves a card user money, the agent earns a commission. The residual income continues to grow organically. There is a huge prescription drug consumer market in the US- there are over 36 billion prescriptions processed annually. The best part of distributing the RxCut® Plus program is that you earn an income by helping people.

Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Donachie shared, “We are working tirelessly every day to spread the word about this program and get help to people that need it. We have several large initiatives already in motion for 2011 that will assist us in getting our program into the hands of every American. Through our partners, sponsors and continuing education, we expect to see tremendous growth in 2011.”

RxCut® Plus discounts are also applicable to pet medications. Pet medications with a human equivalent can be filled at the pharmacy for deep discounts that are most often less than veterinarian office prices. Pet medications without a human equivalent can be ordered through the RxCut® mail order service by visiting or by calling 1-800-809-0072.

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