ICLEI USA Issues the Following Statement in Response to the President’s Call for Increased Energy Independence and New Investments in 21st Century Clean Energy Technology

Washington, DC, April 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- President Obama renewed his call for America to become more energy independent by increasing the use of clean and renewable energy technologies that will reduce our reliance on foreign oil, maximize energy efficiency, and protect the environment. During a speech to students at Georgetown University, President Obama set a new national goal of reducing oil imports by one-third by the year 2025, while increasing production of hybrid, electric and other clean transport alternatives that would make more efficient use of biofuels.

ICLEI USA issues the following statement from Mayor Patrick Hays, City of North Little Rock, AR, Corporate President and Chair of its Board of Directors, and Martin Chávez, Executive Director and former three-term mayor of Albuquerque, NM.

“The President is absolutely correct in acknowledging that our nation is paying a heavy price for failing to take the helm in clean energy investment and innovation. This makes the work of local governments even more critical. Cities and counties across the nation — from Philadelphia to Austin to Grand Rapids and Miami-Dade — are already implementing innovative ways of reducing energy consumption and maximizing clean energy innovation with great success. Ongoing efforts at the local level will help to strengthen the President’s commitment to building a vibrant 21st century clean energy economy,” said Mayor Patrick Hays, City of North Little Rock, AR, Corporate President and Chair of Board of Directors, ICLEI USA.

“We are pleased that the President is placing renewed emphasis on clean energy technologies that will diminish our dependence on foreign oil, while ensuring a cleaner, healthier and more secure energy future. The President’s plan presents both an imperative and a challenge to reduce our energy consumption, create new jobs, and protect communities and our environment. This is an ambitious plan, but it is certainly achievable. Local governments will have to play a major role in building a successful 21st century clean energy economy,” said ICLEI USA Executive Director, Martin Chávez.


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