Talk Show Host Anita Wills Interviews Artist Nancy Gershman on Anita Talks Genealogy, Monday April 11, 2011, 9 pm Central/10 pm Eastern, and 7 pm Pacific.

Talk Show Host Anita Wills interviews Chicago Artist Nancy Gershman of Art For Your Sake - on Anita Talks Genealogy

Chicago, IL, April 02, 2011 --( In this week’s segment - Anita Talks Genealogy: An Interview with Digital Artist Nancy Gershman - Host Anita Wills interviews Chicago-based digital artist Nancy Gershman on the role of legacy portraiture in a personal history. How do Gershman’s custom fine art photomontages distill legacies into iconic moments, and how do these story-pictures remain meaningful and keep future generations emotionally connected to an ancestor or the recently deceased?

Called a “meaning-maker” and “private mythologist,” Gershman uses her Dreamscape Process to draw stories about the whole person, crafting portraits from personal and collective memory, stories, archival photos and genealogical research. The process involves remixing and repurposing existing photos, often augmenting the re-imagined scene with authentic imagery to stand in for memories or events for which there are no photos. The resulting photomontages, aptly called “Dreamscapes,” look like a snapshot from a dream. Unexpected by-products of creating Dreamscape portraits are often the oral histories or narrative-writing Gershman’s work engenders in those who receive her gifts.

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Since 1978, Host Anita Wills has shared innumerable tips on backing up one’s genealogy research. “Otherwise,” says Wills, “it’s just an oral history.” Wills is also the author of two books Pieces of the Quilt: The Mosaic of An African-American Family, and Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color. Her specialty is African-American and Native American genealogy research. Anita Talks Genealogy airs Wednesdays 7:00- 7:45 pm, and Fridays, 7:00-7:45 pm. The toll free call-in number is (877)516-6887.

About Art For Your Sake
Thanks to the transformative power of digital photo manipulation, fine art photomontage artist Nancy Gershman makes dreams-to-order. Her specialty is legacy portraiture for gifts and personal histories, oral histories and heritage travel keepsakes. As a post-therapy resource, Gershman works with individuals coping with loss and regrets, creating prescriptive photomontages for healing. Her work has appeared in Annals of American Psychotherapy, Living with Loss Magazine, Advance for Nurses and The Loyola University Museum of Art.

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