Enabled Predicts Trend in Corporate Usage of Mobile Apps

More businesses are using mobile technology to change the way they do business, instead of just for promotion purposes.

Adelaide, Australia, April 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Multimedia company, Enabled Solutions, are predicting a trend towards mobile applications that enhance the business process rather than being purely promotional tools.

“It might be a long time coming,” said Grant Hull, Director of Enabled, pointing out it took years for companies to start using the web for business processes instead of just promotion. “Once the mindset shifts though, companies start developing mobile applications that change the way they do business. These are truly useful apps, and well received by users because of it.”

When asked to give an example, Grant pointed towards the Clipsal iCat iPad and iPhone app. “Clipsal found that many tradespeople using their products were also using mobile technology, so they asked Enabled to develop a mobile version of their Trade Product Guide. The mobile version is so much easier to search, browse and carry around, and it allows tradespeople to create job lists at the touch of a finger instead of jotting down product codes by hand.” The Clipsal mobile product guide, released mid-March, has been downloaded by thousands of tradespeople, and received 100% positive reviews. “It’s success speaks for itself,” Grant said.

Other examples Grant gave were the Coopers DIY Beer Utility app, a homebrew management app designed to be a companion to Coopers’ homebrew kits, and the Gametraders app, which allows game lovers to keep track of their games and receive special offers from Gametraders.

Grant said that Enabled have seen an increase in mobile applications used for business processes, and are expecting this trend to continue. He finished by saying, “At the end of the day, businesses are always looking at ways of giving value to their customers. We are encouraging them to get on the bandwagon early and realise that mobile technology might be one way of doing this.”

For additional information on Enabled or mobile development, please contact Grant Hull or visit www.enabled.com.au. You can also follow Enabled’s iPhone app action on Twitter at enabledgames.

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