The Green Union Returns to NYC

The Building Green Expo and Workshops is back in its 4th year and has partnered off with Green America Public Private Partnership and UrbanGoGreen to help make New York Greener.

New York, NY, April 03, 2011 --( On April 28, 2011, The Building Green Expo and Workshops returns to New York City and will take place at BNY Mellon, 101 Barclay Street - NYC. Joining the Green Union this year is Green America Public Private Partnership headed by William A. Johnson and UrbanGoGreen, lead by Duval Osiris James to assist in educating New Yorkers about the benefits of being green in regards to construction, renovation and its long term economic and social effects. A new element to this year’s event is the Roundtable Discussions, where attendees can meet in group settings with leaders in various green fields and speak openly about new or upcoming projects and issues facing the industry. Returning this year is the children’s educational component, where elementary students will learn about sustainability and what steps they can take to help keep the world green.

Building Green provides an opportunity for Architects, Construction Managers, Developers, Engineers, General Contractors, Government Agencies, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Trade Contractors to network, showcase their products and educate the general public about new innovations that compliment the NYS Green Building Initiatives. This year’s focus will be about establishing and maintaining relations throughout the construction industry to continue on the path of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The Green America Public Private Partnership (GAPPP) is a national non-profit organization supporting the establishment and expansion of “green” businesses and jobs programs that focus on the empowerment and expansion of small, minority & women owned companies (SMWs **) and non-profit organizations that support local job and wealth creation through green business.

As an affinity brand, UrbanGoGreen involves communities in upgrading to green by offering individuals and businesses opportunities to make healthier more sustainable choices, help save the planet, invest in their community and create financial freedom in their lives. UrbanGoGreen serves to bridge the gap between the emerging green economy and the urban consumer market.

To build on last years’ success, the Roundtable Discussions have been added to provide another platform where attendees can interact with today’s leaders in the Green industry and discuss critical topics that are affecting Green Construction. Topics to be discussed include; Green Jobs, Solar Projects, Green Roof Designs, LED Solutions and more. The focus of these educational discussions will be, Greening an Urban Environment: Practical Applications for NYC, this year’s inspirational motto.

For the children’s educational component, Building Green has invited classes from the NYC Public school system to attend. Elementary students will take part in an interactive workshop which will provide a hands-on approach to green initiatives they can utilize now to become future green leaders. The children are encouraged to share what they learn with family members to continue the cycle of green awareness.

About Building Green
Since the launch of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, the growth and interest in green building projects has spread rapidly. Recognizing this growth in the construction industry and the strong need to get companies that provide green products/services to unite with construction industry leaders as well as teaching new trends within the Green industry, Building Green was created.

About Green America Public Private Partnership
GAPPP will be comprised of individuals, business, civic and labor leaders, non-profits, for-profit businesses and public-private fund managers; representing the collective interests’ of all sectors. With an interactive website portal, online webinars, regional and national conferences and teleconferences, and regional staff supporting its membership, GAPPP accelerates the development, networking and funding needed to navigate the complex challenges confronted by businesses in emerging green technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings and the marketing of green products and services.

About Urban Go Green
UrbanGoGreen (UGG) is an eco-consumer marketing and product brokerage company founded in 2008 by Duval Osiris James. Mr. James is a social entrepreneur who was inspired to create the company after attending the launch of the, 'Decade for Education and Sustainable Development' at the United Nations in 2005, where he learned about the challenges of climate change and the opportunities of the emerging environmentally friendly business sector. He quickly recognized the potential to create an exciting business opportunity in the clean tech, renewable energy and green sector, designed to address the needs of the urban communities. UrbanGoGreen makes its headquarters in New York, New York.

For more information about Building Green, the Roundtable Discussions or Children’s Educational Component, please contact Yasmin Cruz at 718.395.1932 or email

Building Green, 80 Broad Street, NY, NY 10004,

Building Green Expo and Workshops
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