TRUSTe Publishes Initial Trusted Download Beta Program Whitelist

TRUSTe unveiled the whitelist of applications that have passed the certification process for TRUSTe's Trusted Download Program

Philadelphia, PA, February 27, 2007 --( Today TRUSTe unveiled the whitelist of applications that have passed the certification process for TRUSTe's Trusted Download Program. These applications, at the version level, have been certified by TRUSTe to clearly communicate key functionalities, to obtain informed consumer consent prior to download, and provide an easy uninstall with clear instructions, among other requirements.

In order to be certified, all applicants have made changes to software behavior and/or disclosures. In some cases distribution networks have been pared back to increase accountability. A number of applicants are being turned away as a result of not meeting the rigorous requirements.

During the beta program TRUSTe is testing and certifying software applications engaged in a variety of business models and distribution networks. Another dozen applications are currently in the certification queue. The first eight downloadable applications that have been certified for the Trusted Download whitelist include:

Certified Standard Software

CamFrog Video Chat 3.81 from Camshare LLC
Coupon Bar 5.0 from Coupons, Inc.
Coupon Printer 3.3 from Coupons, Inc.
Crawler Toolbar 4.5.0 from Crawler LLC
Illumio 1.2.73 from Tacit Software, Inc.
MostFun 1.0 from NeoEdge
Certified Advertising Software

Save/SaveNow 4.0 from
Vomba from Vomba Network Inc.
"The companies whose applications have passed the challenging certification process for the Trusted Download whitelist are all demonstrating a commitment to protecting consumer privacy," said Fran Maier, executive director and president of TRUSTe. "By completely informing users about the particulars of the downloads they offer up front, the participating companies are increasing transparency and giving control to users."

The program sponsors, representing leading content and search providers, anti-spyware vendors and online advertisers, offer market incentives for downloadable software publishers to get certified. AOL, CA, CNET Networks, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo! will use the whitelist as a tool to help make business decisions related to advertising, partnering and distributing software products. By providing a whitelist of trusted applications, the program aims to provide attractive market incentives to software publishers to meet the requirements and earn certification.

During the certification process, TRUSTe reviews notice and consent experience for consumers, and tests the operation and behavior of the software with testing partner AppLabs Technologies. A premier provider of testing, QA and certification of software and hardware platforms, AppLabs has worked with TRUSTe to develop a rigorous set of testing protocols to assess a broad range of application behavior. With the launch of the whitelist, TRUSTe will be conducting ongoing monitoring of the applications as they are encountered by users.

"The Trusted Download Program represents another important step toward making downloadable software more transparent," said Ari Schwartz, deputy director, Center for Democracy and Technology. "By assuring compliance with consumer protection standards, the Trusted Download Program will help companies make more informed decision about potential partners in this growing industry."

Whitelist Software Classifications

TRUSTe defines advertising software as software that displays advertisements to a user when they are using a separate application. Additional requirements for advertising and tracking behaviors include prominent disclosure of any advertising that will be displayed, personal information that will be tracked and, or, user settings that may be altered. Advertising software must label ads with the name of the software and maintain separate advertising inventory for users of certified applications and must confirm opt-in consent has been obtained from legacy users to certified advertising inventory. For full requirements, prohibited activities, and processes go to .

Interviews Available:

Carolyn Hodge,, 415-520-3415

Trusted Download Whitelist Participants:

Camshare: Jon Hanson,
Crawler: Ken Schwartz,, 561-989-7400
Coupons, Inc.: Martha Shaughnessy,, 415-402-0230
NeoEdge: Vanessa Rodriguez,, 415-856-5176
Vomba: Julien Saucier,, 514-334-0177 ext. 222
WhenU: Joanna Bolles,, 212-631-2172
Tacit: John Klinke,, 650-251-2104
Trusted Download Partners:

AOL: Andrew Weinstein,, 703-265-1746
CA: Jessica Cassady,, 202-513-6306
CNET: Sarah Cain,, 415-344-2218
Verizon: Mark Marchand,, 518-424-0166
Yahoo!: Gaude Paez,, 310-749-4963
Microsoft Rapid Response Team:, 503-443-7070
CDT: David McGuire,, 202-637-9800 x106

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