The Holiday Ferret Increases Its Thailand Listings

Thailand seems to be a popular place for travellers as Thailand vacation and holiday rental listings increase.

London, United Kingdom, April 03, 2011 --( Following its re – launch, the Holiday Ferret is seeing an increasing number of Thailand vacation and holiday rental properties, especially in the region of Andaman Cove. The properties range from basic vacation and holiday rental accommodation to luxurious penthouses fitted with state of the art technology such as widescreen televisions and home cinemas.

James Curl, director of the Holiday Ferret said: “The increase in holiday and vacation rentals underline what many in the travel industry, including ourselves believe, and that is the rental facet of the travel industry is gaining in popularity especially among certain groups of travellers. Families and large groups are seeing the benefit of opting for vacation rentals, as they offer a controlled environment and cheaper meals. Both essential to families and other groups which have to budget carefully.”

Thailand has always been a popular tourist destination, and property developers and managers have obviously made the most of its somewhat idyllic beauty spots. It, like many of the better tourist destinations, has features which appeal to all types of travellers. This view was reinforced by James Curl: “Thailand is very much what you want it to be and is suitable for every type of tourist. I can see why the tourist industry has flourished there.”

Andaman Cove in the Phuket region is proving particularly popular with tourists and holiday rental developers and managers. Its coastal location and warm climate, plays a big part in its popularity and is appealing to people that need a break.

Following the re - launch of the Holiday Ferret, the holiday and vacation rental listing website has seen several rental owners list their properties with the holiday and vacation rental company. Thailand and Portugal has proved especially popular with France and Spain coming a close third and fourth.

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