New Guide Helps Both Novices and Experts to Make Their Smartphones "Smart"

Whether you’re an expert or first-time Android user, How to Talk to Your Android, a new 348 page book from FAQ Publishers simplifies the process of learning how to use Android devices and harnessing their powerful "smart" feature.

Hollywood, FL, April 07, 2011 --( For the beginner, How to Talk to Your Android is an excellent self-paced step-by-step tutorial, and for the more advanced user it is a 348 page resource for learning new features, details of options, and personal customizations. More than 75 step-by-step examples of how to use your Android - illustrated with more than 300 large easy-to-read screenshots – are included.

Written in non-technical terms, now even the first-time smartphone user who has never owned a Blackberry, I-Phone, or Android, can easily make calls, search the internet, send emails and texts – and using their voice instead of a keyboard, get directions to a local movie, upload to Facebook, and many of the other amazing things you can do with a smart device.

According to author Matthew Shuchman, “More than 50% of all smartphones and tablets purchased this year will be Androids, yet 10% of customers return them out of frustration. Although they should be easy to use, most Android users know only a few basic functions like calling, texting and photos - and never learn to use the many powerful ‘smart’ features.”

For example, says Shuchman: “Voice recognition is built-in to all Androids, and voice can be used for almost every App and feature of the phone. Yet even experienced smartphone users have been amazed at the more than 50 voice commands and shortcuts they can learn by reading this book.”

The book begins with a 30 minute "Quick Start Guide" which Shuchman promises will quickly have you talking to your Android to "Google" questions, locate restaurants, find out the times and locations of movies, and translate foreign language phrases.

Security is highlighted: How to Talk shows you how to keep passwords, bookmarks and browsing history secure and private – including how to make your Android child-safe from inappropriate web searches, vulgar words and images.

The book is compatible with all Android 2.2 and 2.3 smartphones and tablets (Including: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Infuse, Captivate, Epic, Motorola Xoom, Droid, DroidX, Droid2, HTC EVO, Inspire, MyTouch, Hero, , LG Ally, Optimus, and Vortex)

Complimentary copies are available to qualified reviewers. Contact:

FAQ Publishers
Romina Bernstein