All-in-One Hunting App iHunt Journal by M. Kircher Now Also Fully Supporting iPad Devices

iHunt Journal is an mobile application for the iPhone that enables hunters to become more successful. Since its 2.1 release on April 5, 2011 it now also fully and natively supports iPad devices.

Nuremberg, Germany, April 08, 2011 --( Hunters are constantly searching for ways to be more successful. For example, deer hunters try to predict where their next big buck is hiding and under which weather, wind, even sun and moon conditions it would travel to search for food. For this hunters often research their past hunts and study forecasts to find patterns in environment and game behavior. They combine information and make an informed decision where and when to go hunting.

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iHunt Journal is an mobile application for iPhone and iPad that enables hunters to become more successful. First, it supports planning of hunts based on weather, sun, moon, and solunar periods - even hunting locations and suitable wind directions. Second, it manages hunting memories recording hunts, trophies, game observations, and hunting stand locations. Adding the latest shot or observation is done within seconds. Third, it provides hunt log statistics that can be viewed on the application or easily exported to preferred spreadsheets for those hunters who wish to study and optimize their success in the field.

As key feature it allows hunters to manage and display all hunting stand and game camera locations per designated hunting areas using GPS mapping. This enables hunters to find stands easily during the hunting season and enables them to find stands post-season, e.g. should hunters wish to remove stands from the hunting area. Further, the mapping technology enables those hunters who invite guests, to easily find stand locations.

Updating stand locations and logging hunting observations can be done in seconds. This easy to use feature is also convenient for recording information obtained during pre-season scouting for future stand placement.

iHunt Journal has been shaped and optimized with feedback from hunters around the world. Several thousand hunters use it already to improve their hunting success, to manage their hunting area, and to maintain their trophy gallery. Continuous improvements via regular updates guarantee highest quality and actuality even beyond the current and proven version 2.1 of iHunt Journal.

The latest release of the app is now - as first of all hunting apps - also 100% optimized for iPad, besides its support for iPhone and iPod touch. It can be downloaded through the iTunes app store at or read more about the product at the web site

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