DMAP Upgrades IPs Compliant with the DO254 Standard

The picture is clear: avionics industry is becoming more and more depending on complex embedded systems. In particular, the needs expressed in the segment of electronics are growing and require finding new means in the choice of implementation.

Meyreuil, France, April 08, 2011 --( The needs of sustainable solutions to long-term (>25 years) is a specificity of the aeronautic market, which leads naturally to the desire to control the content of each system, particularly strategic components are the processor and their peripherals, but also associated functions, such as communications interfaces. Recent development around FPGA devices can consider them as an industrial solution compliant with the requirements of the avionic industry while giving access to complex objects.

The cost, time and skills needed to develop more and more complex systems require new solutions based on the integration of IP cores, it's the only way to optimize and rationalize this kind of project. In a core-based strategy reusing semiconductor IP cores is the most suitable response to the rigorous constraints involved in SoC and complex block design.

DMAP develops its own IP DO254 compliant, thanks to close partnerships with providers of IP cores like the one recently announced with MoreThanIP. A partnership that will result in the launch of an IP Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit / s and Fiber Channel compatible with the DO254 certification criteria.

Through a method of "reverse engineering" DMAP provides IP upgraded from the existing source code. The life cycle of the IP is then reproduced by reconstituting all data and documents required by the standard design: configuration management, document management, progress reviews, evidence, traceability, etc. From a technical standpoint, DMAP operates mainly on the design itself to make the IP more robust and secure, and then on the verification process. It results in the delivery of a certification package that proves the ability of the IP to meet all the criteria of the DO254 standard.

The DMAP's catalog of IP DO254 compliant also offers a PCI Express and solutions compatible with the CAN bus and AFDX. DMAP’s ambitions go beyond the avionics industry, where it already has customers such as Safran. This expertise is readily transferable to other critical areas, i.e. those where a high level of reliability is required in the design process, such as nuclear, medicine or transportation. Through its expertise and training, DMAP is increasingly sought by these environments.

About DMAP
DMAP is a company focused on high reliability semiconductor application domains. DMAP has been founded in 2009 by two highly skilled engineers in the semiconductor area. With more than 40 years of experience we are able to combine IP and SoC development for ASIC and FPGA target with high reliability methods provided by the DO254 guidance. High reliable domains as aeronautic, medicine, defense and space like others mass markets are sensible to time-to-market constraints and a growing system complexity, that's why we offer to IP vendors the opportunity to address new markets and to high reliable sub-contractor community to buy DO254 ready IP to speed up their development.

Design Methods and Aassurance Process
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